The Story of Two Adopted Akitas, Ginger and Diego 

The beginning… told by Brenda:

"I had gone out to the Delaware County SPCA to look at some dog (don't remember who),and here were these two, stuffed in one cage and happy as can be.  I had to go into the cage with them and I took some terrible pictures.

I took them outside, one at a time, first taking Ginger.  She was just great on the leash.

Then I took out the male, and he was...a male who had been in a little cage too long.  They  were on death row at the SPCA.

 The owner had been contacted, and he didn't want them back.  No one was interested in these two overwhelmingly big Akitas (we all know they are not that big for Akitas).

 ARWNY didn't have room at the time, but I couldn't let them just die.  So I brought them home with me for awhile, hoping to find a new home for them.  But I really really wished I  could have them for myself.  Jeez, what sweet dogs.

 I've never had a "bonded" pair of dogs in my house. These two are fascinating.

 If she has anything, he wants hers. She doesn't want his, no matter what it is. She's resigned to his taking everything.

He reminds me of my grandchildren, nearly 4 and nearly 2: non-stop hoarding of everything good. She just walks by, waggin' her tail, giving me kisses. He gathers everything of value; she takes a nap.

 He even has to stick his head on top of hers so he can kiss my face, when she's kissing me. If she's not kissing me, he's not that interested. I don't know if this is typical, but these guys are just delightful.

 She responds with a happy face and a wag when you just look at her. Boy, she loves people (me tonight).

 These are just the friendliest akitas I've met; I guess being together gives both of them confidence that might be lacking due to the stress of their last 3 or 4 weeks. I cannot believe their owners were not interested in getting them back.

 I brought them to visit “Aunt”  Kathy, (one of the gals who runs ARWNY…Akita Rescue of Western New York)  and guess what?  They showed her why they needed to be saved, sweet kids that they are.  So they came into AWRNY officially, and “Aunt”  Jo took them home with her to foster them until two spaces opened up at the kennel."

 The rest is history and pure fate…..Enter Kevin, who lives in Phoenix, AZ.  He completes this magical “tail”…

 "I have always liked the breed and always wanted an Akita and went to a few web sites to see what I could find out and I saw the Palmdale Akitas and was interested in a few from there and contacted Lori  and talked to her about a few of them but they were not a good fit for me at them time so I told her I would be interested in adopting a pair of Akitas and she put me in touch with Kathy Dewees and I visited the ARWNY site and when I saw these 2 I knew in my heart I had to get them.  I was invited to the picnic that ARWNY had  in New Jersey, and flew out and met Ginger and Diego. They were everything that you could ever imagine.  They were so friendly and loving and I said to myself right then and there that these 2 had to come home with me to Arizona.  I had them flown out here on September 30th and they have been the most incredible and awesome pair anyone could ever imagine. They love each other and give so much it is unbelievable.  They have been through so much in their lives but you would never know it by the way the act and behave.  I can't believe that the original owner would let them go.  I can only thank Brenda and everyone and ARWNY for saving these very special pair of Akitas until they could find their forever home." 

 2014  Unfortunately Ginger and Diego were returned to ARWNY a couple of years ago.  I do not know what happened to them.

Persey Chooses Her Owner


I adopted my first dog, a seemingly all-akita 3 year old named Perseyabout a year ago.

I wasn't planning on getting a dog... I had a bit of free time, and decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter.  Persey (then called Tara or Ikea, depending on who was referring to her) raised hell at the shelter, she absolutely would NOT let any other volunteer walk her - only a select few employees could walk or feed her.  She wasn't aggressive exactly, but would not seek or accept any dog or human contact.  She would sulk and whine, or display a dominant stare/stature that scared everyone.  

The first time I met her she was out of her run, about to go for a walk with one of the employees who she tolerated.  She saw me, she broke free and ran to me and jumped all over me. I think the shelter employees thought I was about to become Akita-kibble.  All she did was lick my face.  It was love at first sight!

I continued volunteering at the shelter for about a month.  Persey only behaved herself when I was there, and even woooed once when I showed up, although at the time I had no idea what she was doing!

Once, and only once, she saw me walk another dog...  Oh my.  I've never heard an animal cry as loudly as she did then.  (They talk a big game, but most of the time it's all show!)  That's when I decided to take her home.... for fostering.  It was clear she wasn't going tobe adopted by anyone else, and for whatever reason, she got along with me.  

The first month or so was rough.  She did some small damage, getting adjusted to her new place and such, but learned quickly.   A month later I made the adoption permanent, and in a very short time, she's become one of the most affectionate dogs I've ever met.  Yes, she'd love to chase and kill squirrels.  But she's never showed any aggression towards people, dogs, or cats, but for a quick growl over some tuna sashimi (come on, who could blame her?!)).  Her personality is completely different from what it was at the shelter.  I don't know if this is a typical story, but I have heard repeatedly from many different people that rescue dogs bond more closely.  Sometimes the dog picked their person, and not the other way around.  If I had gone to the shelter specifically to get a dog, I would never have picked Persey.  Now I can't imagine not having her, she made the best decision for us both


   Koby, the dog who flies with thoroughbreds!


I am happy to share the story.

Before we were married Les owned Bandit, an Akita,  120 pound white pinto male.I knew Bandit; Les has many stories about him.

Over the years we knew we wanted a dog. When Les retired, the timingwas good. Les saw a picture of a blind Akita which he showed to me.

We made phone calls only to receive contradictory information about his 'availability'. We understood that someone had made the commitment to take Koby before us.

I never could take 'No' for an answer so I called directly. Koby was in a no-kill shelter in western Kentucky. Because he is blind, he was kept separate from the other dogs and that area did not have sufficient heat. Yes, Koby had not been adopted. He was still  'available' and he was going to be ours! (This all happened in late October)

Les and I are in Seattle and Koby was in rural western Kentucky. The big question was how to transport him. No one was available to fly a private plane; he was too big to fit in a carrier on a plane; and putting Koby in baggage was just not acceptable. Kentucky is horse country. Thoroughbred horses are flown all over to race at different tracks. And many groomers take their pets along. So the folks at the shelter made a few phone calls and Koby was ready to fly 'stand by' to Los Angeles. (It is now Nov/Dec).

 Les and I needed to fly to NY to attend a family function. Just like when Lori and Bob helped with Micah this year, they offered their help to us then.  They picked up Koby at the airport, and kept him at their home until we could drive down to get him from Seattle.

We returned from NY and the next morning we left Seattle for Redding,CA to meet Lori and Bob with Koby.  When he first met us, Koby was reluctant to even come in our room. After dinner, he did sleep in the room with us on the bed provided by Lori and Bob.

The next morning we had breakfast together, took pictures and went our separate ways. Koby immediately took over and settled down in the back seat.

 We were in constant cell phone contact on each leg of the trip. And the weather was lousy both ways. On the return trip to Seattle, the the roads were closed shortly after we drove through. We decided that Koby's Gotcha Day was December 28, 2003.



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