Welcome to my  Akitas of Love website!

I've had Akitas for going on twelve years. Tiko was my first Akita and he showed me what the breed was all about.  When we lost him in 2013, he sent me a sweet boy, Snowbear, to continue the Akita love.  Sure wish I knew about this breed about 30 years ago!  I'm dedicated to helping this breed by the only way I know...through this website, graphics and helping Akita Rescue Society of Florida  when I can.




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An Akita is not for everyone, and there are so many dogs that need to be saved.

There are so many animals that need to be saved and loved.  One good place to start is


Along with Akitas there are many other breeds just waiting for you.  You can stipulate the state that you need, and even the breed.  Go for it, become a fur parent today!



Like any other rescue, the Akita rescues are in desperate need of volunteers and fosters.  Won't you consider helping out!!  Please contact any Akita rescue, they'll be happy to hear from you! Needed especially are fosters!