This page is dedicated to those of us who have created a web site, blog, Facebook page honoring our adopted fur babies, or honoring Akitas in general.


Each web site you visit, you will immediately notice one persistent thread

LOVE for the Akita breed



Another great website provided by Jen and Ron Fone.  Not necessarily Akita oriented, but for all breeds of dogs.  This site gives some great information on DOG BITE PREVENTION.  Thank you for making such valuable information available to us, Jen and Ron.  Click on the picture to go to the link.



A very informative site about the Akita breed, written by well known-author, Barbara Bouyet.  She covers all aspects of Akitas from agility, temperament, family and kids, obedience, health, facts about the breed.  A wonderful site for those who want to know all about the breed before deciding to adopt or buy.

Click here to visit Barbara's site


You can find many Facebook pages devoted to Akitas if you do a search.  These are just a few that I found and there must be more.


Akita Rescue Society of Florida


Akita Club of America Akita Rescue

Akita Angels

Akita Ireland