This little section of my website will be devoted to sharing tutorials of others.  They are my friends, and are very talented in their graphics creations.  I hope you enjoy them!  Please let them know, I'm sure they would appreciate it. Writers are arranged in no particular order.  The (P) means a preview picture   ~Bobbi~

Guest Writer: Fran....


Guest Writer: Roni Elaine


Southwestern Red Rocks


Halloween-Spooky House


Halloween-Come Into My Parlor (P)

Soft Colors of Christmas


Carnivale         (P)

Valentine Concerto      (P)

Tango Argentina   (P)

Celtic Crosses   (P)

Single Flower    (P)

Love Letters      (P)

Fiery Jazz      (P)

Majestic      (P)

Reflections      (P)

Last Roses of Summer      (P)

Dreaming of Autumn      (P)

Scary Story      (P)

Homage       (P)

Cats of November     (P)

Triple Mask Christmas Tutorial


New Year Countdown   (P)

Pillow Talk     (P)

Royal Look      (P)

Get Ready for Mardi Gras


The Perfect Pearl      (P)

Friends Forever     (P)

Blues in the Night   (P)

Fly Away Tutorial    (P) 

Dreamscape     (P)

Witchy Woman    (P)

Holiday Slats--Choose a Holiday


Santa's Greetings    (P)

A Walk in the Clouds    (P)

The Dancer    (P)

Order of Irish Leprechauns


Time of Rebirth     (P)


Guest Writer: Lynn...known as Leyla's Own

Guest Writer: Dawn


Guest Writer: Robert M. Sevigny


Guest Writer: Anna of Passion Graphics (Anna loves PSP and lives in Milan, Italy)

  Halloween     (P)



Guest Writer:  Deb of Filters n Frames

 Film Shot      (P)

Stairway      (P)

Special Friends     (P)

Oh Oh    (P)

Lady of the Light   (P)

Guest Writer: Shirley Rea

Guest Writer: Quanil

Tigre Frame     (P)

Guest Writer: Wicked

Through the Portal   (P)


Guest Writer: