Supplies: HERE   Place these in a folder all by themselves.


An easy way to process multiple conversions of files.  If you tube files, this is a great way to make the previews for your tubes, or to change PSP files to PSD.


1.  Click on FILE/Batch/Process.  In the box that comes up use the Browse button to find your .jpg  files that you have placed in the folder to convert and click on (highlight) them all. 

2.  In the 'TYPE' window click on the down arrow and choose the type of files you want to convert. (In this case you want to convert them to BMP.  You could also take PSP files and convert to PSD)


3.    In the 'FOLDER' window find the folder you want your new files transferred to - click browse and find it.  Don't worry about the 'New File Name' window.  Make sure the dot is in 'New Type' in the SAVE MODE and the tick is in 'Stop on Error'.  That's it. 


4.  Then just click START and they are all converted at once.  The files in the zipped folder that was sent to you, have become JPG from BMP.


Here's an example:  PSP to JPG

Above is a PSP image

Converted to a JPG

Now you have a preview for your tube!