This tutorial assumes you have a good working knowledge of PSP and was done in version 9.

Material HERE

Tubes thanks to Montana Kate, Grace, MDZ Mists and Mask by Yoka.  Font - Albermarle Swash
Open all tubes and mask in PSP.  Open Font and minimise to tray.
Open image 700 x 500 px transparent.
Open March Series Fractals 3 - 3.pspimage.  Edit copy, edit paste as new layer on your canvas.  Add a new raster layer, move to bottom.  Foreground colour c98956, background colour 9b5538.  Make a Foreground/Background Gradient - Angle 45, repeats 1, invert not checked.  Fill bottom layer with gradient and merge layers visible.
Layers/New Raster layer, fill with fff6ad.  Layers/New Mask Layer/From Image - Yoka-TG-Les-Kalterosh-MASKER.jpg invert not checked.  Layers Merge Group.  Lower layer opacity to 72.  Layers Duplicate - resize 75% and pull slightly to the right.
Open tube Fin_del_verano_by_ELENADUDINA  MDZ  Mist.pspimage, edit copy, edit paste as new layer.  Resize 85%, all layers not checked and move to the right of the canvas.
Open Oct Series Dragons 2 - 2.pspimage.  Edit copy, edit paste as new layer.  Image mirror, image resize 65% all layers not checked.  Move to upper left corner.  Blend mode Overlay and layer opacity 56.
Open tube OutOfStone_Grace's_TLC.psp, copy and paste as new layer on canvas.  Image resize 50% all layers not checked, layer opacity 80.  Move down and to the left.
Activate top layer.  Text tool - 'Albermarle Swash' size 60 -Vector - background colour fff6ad - foreground null.  Type your text and use the handles to pull letters closer as you wish.  If you use two layers of text Merge layers down and add a drop shadow V - 2, H - 2, Opacity - 75, Blur - 5 - Black.
Layers/New Raster Layer - add your watermark.  Layers All Flatten.
Add border 1 px black.  Edit/Copy.  Promote background to layer.  Image resize 90%.  Layers/New Raster Layer, move layer down.  Select All/Paste into Selection.  Gaussian Blur 10.  Select none.
Activate upper layer - Drop Shadow V - 7, H - 6, Opacity - 33, Blur - 10 - Black.  Repeat at -7 and -6.
Border 2 px Black.
Adjust/Brightness and Contrast/Clarify at 2.
You are done.
Tutorial Dawn Hewer 2010