Vision in Red



 This was done in PSP9, but could be made in other versions, I'm sure.  Filters used were within PSP and Mura Copies. Rest of supplies HERE


Open Zip file and place selections in Selections folder.  Minimise font.  Open tube and pattern in PSP.
Open New Image 500 x 500 transparent.
Foreground colour ffdfb0 - Background colour d04c40.  Make a Linear gradient Angle 45, Repeats 1, Invert unchecked.  Fill image with gradient.
Gaussian blur 40.  Effects/Image Effects/Offset - Horizontal -50, Vertical 200. Custom dotted - Edge mode - Wrap.
Layers duplicate, image mirror.  Lower opacity on top layer to 72.
Layers, New Layer.  Selection/Load selection from Disk/Vision 1.  Change gradient to Angle 0, repeats 0 and fill selection.  Select none.
Layers, New Layer Selection/Load selection from disk/Vision 2.  Change gradient back to Angle 45, repeats 1 and flood fill selection.  Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds Width 2, Opacity 100 colour d04c40, Light from Left/Top checked.  Layer/New Layer, flood fill with gold pattern, modify, contract by 2 and press the Delete key.  Select none.
Copy tube xx long red dress by Sensie and paste as new layer.  Image mirror.  Resize 75% and place on panel.  Layers duplicate.  On layer palette close 3 bottom layers and merge visible the top layers.  Apply Drop Shadow Horizontal 7, Vertical 6, Opacity 33, Blur 10. colour black.  Repeat Drop Shadow Horizontal - 7, Vertical - 6.  Open all layers again.
Layers/New Layer.  Selections/Load selection from Disk/Vision 3.  Flood fill with gradient and apply Blinds as set.  Layers/New Layer.  Flood fill with the gold pattern.  Modify, contract by 2 and press the Delete key.  Select none.  Copy lady tube again and paste as new layer.  Resize three times at 75% and once at 90% and place in panel.  Close last 4 layers and merge top ones visible.  Open all layers again and make sure top layer is highlighted.  Effects/MuRa's Meister/Copies as example below.  Use d04c40 as BG colour.


Apply Drop Shadow as before then repeat at minuses.
Have the two original colours showing in the Materials Palette and write your text.  I used A Charming Font Italic (supplied) - Vector - size 72.  I typed each word separately then arranged to suit.  Merge your text layers then apply Drop Shadow H  1, V 0, Opacity 75, Blur 1.  Add your watermark and merge visible.
3 pixel border d04c40
30 pixel border white select and fill with gradient at repeats 5.  Then apply Blinds as before.  Select none.
3 pixel border d04c40
Colourise diamond corners to the foreground colour, copy and paste as new layer and resize 75%.  Place in top left corner.  Apply Drop Shadow as for Text.  Effects/Simple/Top Left Mirror.  Colourise the diamond to the background colour, copy and paste as new layer, resize 3 times at 75% and place on corner.  You may have to place these separately using separate layers.
Merge Visible and Save.  Adjust/Sharpness/Unsharp Mask - Radius 1.00, Strength 40, Clipping 4, Luminance only not checked.  Save as .jpg.
Tutorial Dawn Hewer 2008






 by Dawn