Days of Wine and Roses,

Written by Dawn



Unzip file and open all images in PSP and minimise.  Supplies Here


Start with a transparent canvas 600 x 450 pixels.


Foreground colour to a5b9a0, background colour to 345159.


Make a Gradient.  Sunburst - left Horizontal 20, left Vertical 11, Link centre not checked.  Right Horizontal 44, right Vertical 43.  Repeats 3, Invert checked.



Fill canvas with this gradient.


Apply Gaussian Blur at 30.


Effects/Texture Effects/Weave - Gap 1, Width 7, Opacity 15  Dark colour in Weave Colour.  Light colour in Gap Colour.  Fill gaps checked.



Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance (optional).


Maximise 'Long Bar' tube, copy and paste as new layer on canvas close to the bottom.


Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.


Maximise 'GD_TouchOfBlue[1]' tube.  Copy and paste as new layer on canvas butting leaves up to left side and sitting heart glass on bar.


Apply Drop Shadow - Vertical 1, Horizontal -5, Opacity 33, Blur 1.  Colour - dark colour 345159.


Remember to SAVE,.


Maximise 'Saphiere_GraphicDream_grapes_purple', copy and paste as a new layer on your work.  Image/Resize 45% - all layers unchecked.  Place in top right corner and reduce Opacity to 45.


Maximise 'Romance03' tube, copy and paste as new layer between glass and lamp.  Pull down slightly into flowers.  Blend mode on Soft Light.  Pull this layer down below the glass and lamp tube.


Maximise 'Days of Wine and Roses Quote', copy and paste as a new layer placing top left of your work.  Image/Resize 75% - all layers unchecked.  Apply Drop Shadow - Vertical and Horizontal 1, Opacity 50, Blur 1, Colour 345159.


Maximise 'bluebutterfly', copy and paste as a new layer and place where you like on the flowers.


Layers/Merge/Merge Visible.


Place your watermark if you wish.


Add a 2 pixel border in your light colour a5b9a0.   Add a 15 pixel border in your dark colour, select with magic wand, Effects/Texture Effects/Blinds.  Width 2, Opacity 50, Colour - light colour, Light from left/top checked.  Select none.  Add a 2 pixel border in your light colour.



Maximise 'winni.1s1.7' corner tube, colourise to dark colour, copy and paste as new layer and place in top left Blinds border.  Effects/Simple Filter/ Top Left Mirror.


Layer/Merge/Merge All.


Tutorial Dawn Hewer 2007