This tutorial was written by Deb on August 7, 2011.
PSP X2 was used but it should be able to be done in almost any other version.
If you want to use this as a lesson, please contact me for permission.

Filters Used:
Filters used: Filters Unlimited 2, FM Tile Tools, AAA Frames, DreamSuite

A tube, background and mask are provided for you but please feel free to use any tubes of your choice and
make this your own creation. (Images have been shared or found on the net)  Click HERE for the Materials

(DreamSuite is a Photoshop PlugIn, but can be downloaded as a Stand Alone filter.  I downloaded DreamSuite Two Demo, but you must fill out a form and register to do this. ) You MUST use a registered version of this program, as I found out, the Demo will NOT allow you to do much at all.  Such a shame as it's a great filter!  Bobbi

1. Open a new transparent image, 800 x 600
In Material Palette: foreground #36c5bf/ background #ef278f
Change foreground color to a gradient/ Linear - Angle 0, Repeats 1, invert unchecked
Flood fill with the gradient
Apply I.C.Net - Filters Unlimited - Paper Textures, Canvas fine - default settings.

2. Add new raster layer and floodfill with foreground color.
Open and minimize the mask, sg_stenciled-flower-square-4,
Layers, new mask layer, from image (invert not checked) and then merge group and enhance.
Add drop shadow.

3. Use your selection tool - rectangle/add (shift), feather 0 and make a recangle in the square center part
of the mask; then add a new layer and paste background image into selection and change properties
to Luminance and opacity to 80. Then merge all layers and used FM Tile Tools/Blend Emboss on
default setting.

4. Add your tube next then add drop shadow of choice.

5. Merge all layers and save as a jpeg (resize if necessary) and open DreamSuite.

6. Once DreamSuite is open go to file/open and then find your saved image and open it in

7. Click on Special Effects, DreamSuite2, Film Frame Art and then click on preset and a new window will
open up.

8. Then click on Frame Color Bgnd Image.icp or preset of your choice and click ok. You can then adjust the
size of your image once the preset has been set. Once you have your image the way you like it go
back up to file and click on save and save your image again. You will then open that image in your
PSP and promote background layer.

9. Once you have your image back open in PSP use your magic wand - add (shift), RGB Value and click in
all the white areas. Then delete and deselect.

10. Open new image 600 X 400 and floodfill with your foreground color and then apply
I.C.Net - Filters Unlimited - Paper Textures, Canvas fine - default settings (same settings as #1).

11. Then put your image you just save in DreamSuite as a new layer and place it where it looks best to you.

12. Merge visible and duplicate layer and then go to AAA Frames/Transparent Frames and put your width
to 5.

12. Merge visible, add watermark and you're all done!!