Lady of the Light

PSP X2 was used but it should be able to be done in almost any other version.

Filters used: Filters Unlimited, Mura Meister, Flaming Pear, Xero and BorderMania

I've provided tubes for you but feel free to use tubes of your choice
HERE for material

1. Open the calguisstreet71010 tube (or whatever scenery tube you prefer to use) and duplicate tube and close original.
(if you use your own tubes you may need to resize them).

2. Duplicate scenery tube layer and apply Flaming Pear/Flood (screenshot).

3. Add new layer and send to bottom.

4. In Material Palette: foreground #d0c09f; background #87775d (or whatever colors go with your tube).

5. Apply Mura Meister Cloud, default (screenshot).

6. Add new layer, move up and fill with foreground color.

7. Minimize 2vuzf2s; then go to layers/new mask layer/from image and apply the minimized image - source luminanace marked, then merge group

8. Image flip then image mirror and resize 40% and move to upper left corner.

9. Set layer properties to screen and opacity to 23;

10. Layers duplicate and image mirror.

11. Edit and copy calguiswitch71010.p and paste as new layer, resize 70% and put in lower right corner.

12. Apply Flaming Pear/Flood (screenshot).

13. Edit and copy Yoka-Birds-LittleFlying Swans30-05-2012 and paste as new layer in the middle, towards the top.

14. Resize swans 50& and duplite and resize 80% and move to the right of the other birds.

15. Merge layers visible and then apply FM Tile Tools/Blend Embosss, default settings.

16. Reapply FM Tile Tools/Blend Emboss, default settings.

17. Go to Xero/Greyscaler and apply default settings (screenshot).

18. Apply Bordermania/Frame 2 (screenshot).

19. Resize image to your choice and add watermark.


Tutorial ęDeb 9/30/11