By Deb, August, 2011

PSP X2 was used but it should be able to be done in almost any other version.

Filters used: Mura Meister, Filters Unlimited, Funhouse, Seamless tiling, FM Tile Tools, Bordermania & Xero

I've provided a tube (by Aclis) for you but feel free to use tube of your choice

Click here for TUBE

1. Open a transparent image - 750 x 600

2. In Material Palette: foreground #f5f6f1; background #93adad

3. add new layer

4. Mura Meister cloud at default settings

5. FU/Funhouse - Emission Mirror set at 45 (screenshot)

6. Effects/Seameless Tiling  (screenshot)

7. Repeat Effects/Seamless Tiling (screenshot)

8. FU/Paper Textures - Canvas fine, default settings

9. Edit & copy tube and paste as new layer; then resize 160%

10. Duplicate tube and on original tube resize 120%

11. merge layers visible

12. FM Tile Tools/Blend Emboss - default settings

13. Bordermania/Frame 2 (screenshot)

14. layers merge visible

15. Xero/Porcelain - default settings

16. Resize 80% and sharpen

17. add watermark

Tutorial ęDeb 8/21/11

Example 1

Example 2 by Bobbi