by Fran---January, 2011

Supplies: HERE

Filters Needed:  Mura Meister Pole Transform

1.         Image 800 x 600

2.         Make a linear gradient 90, repeats = 17:  light color foreground, dark background

3.         New layer same gradient, but repeats = 9

4.         Edge effects - Enhance more twice

5.         Mura Meister Pole transform with these settings


6.         With magic wand - Tolerance 48: Feather 0 -select dark area at bottom of image and delete.

7.         Invert selection

8.         Selection/Modify / expand by 5

8.         Add new layer between the 2 present layers, and on this layer, fill selection with dark color.

10.       Merge the top 2 layers.  Deselect.

11.       Go to bottom layer and apply PSP effects/ Distortion/ Spiky Halo with these settings


12.       Choose a misted scene that complements your gradient colors and add as a new layer just above the background layer.

13.       Choose a doodle, recolour it to match your color scheme and place it on a new layer on the fold on the right of your top layer.

14.       Duplicate doodle layer and mirror.

15.       Merge the 2 doodle layers and add a drop shadow with these settings: 1,1,70, 0.

16.       Add a figure of your choice and maybe some appropriate text.

17.       Image/ Add borders in the same 2 colors of the gradient.

18.       Sign and save.