1. Open new image 350 x 350 transparent

2. Choose "heart 2" from your preset shapes and use these settings...Anti alias and create as vector ticked: line width = 8: foreground = gold pattern or gradient: background= null

3. Draw your heart to fit comfortably in your image (if you want to tilt it slightly, now is the time to do it)

4. It's a good idea to save it now - as a PSP7 image - call it something like 'basic heart. Don't forget to save often.

5. Right-click on this layer in the layer palette and Convert to Raster layer.

6. Select all (CTRL+A) and go to Selections/modify/contract by 5.

7. Invert selection, and fill with same gold fill as the heart.

8. Duplicate this layer 8 times (9 layers) and number them from the bottom.

9. Shut down all but the bottom heart layer (1)

10. With the eraser tool rub out the whole heart

11. Go to layer 2 and rub out all but a little bit of the heart at the bottom

12. go to layer 2 and rub out a little less

13. go to layer 3 and rub out a little less still (see pic below)

I have put them on a black background so you can see what I mean.

14. keep going up the layers rubbing out little less each time until your layer palette looks like this.

You will notice that I have filled the empty frame at the bottom with black just to be able to see what I'm doing.

15. Select layer 9, add your accent and duplicate twice (11 frames)

16. Select layer 1 and go to Adjust> Add/remove noise and add noise of Uniform>monochrome 8%

17. Select layer 2 and add noise 15%

18. Select layer 3 and add noise 22% and so on increasing each layer by 7% until you get to layer 9

19. Increase the last 2 layers by only 5%

18. Close the black layer at the bottom and save as 'Heart bling' or something similar

(this leaves your original heart intact in case you want to treat it differently another time.

NOTE: If you dont want a frame around it leave out steps 6 and 7


Open Animation Shop

1. Open file you saved - it should have 11 frames.

2. Select frames 9, 10, 11 and copy them then just select frame 11

3. Go to Edit > Paste> After current frame.

4. Select frame 14 and repeat step 3

5. Select frame 17 and repeat step 3 (20 frames)

6. Now select frame 1 and duplicate twice (23 frames)

8. Select all the frames (CTRL+A)

9. Right click on any frame and in the menu that appears, choose Frame properties.

Set the number to 15 - this controls the speed the frames run.

10. Reduced the size of the animation to 60% and save.

Fran is a member of my Google Filters-n-Frames, and a very accomplished creator.  She, along with another member, Karen, put their heads together to create this beautiful bling.  Fran wrote the tutorial, and I offered to put it up on my website.  If you have any questions regarding the tut, please write Fran