Written and created by Fran

What you will need.....

  1. A grungy background pattern.
  2. Tubes: A frame (either a tube or one of PSP's frames) .
  3. A plant in a pot.
  4. A misted scene in colors to complement your background, and any other additional tubes to complete the picture.  What you add depends on the shape of your frame.                                The one I did here did not seem to need any more elements.

Filter: PSP Texture Effects > Mosaic Glass


  1. New image 500 x 500, transparent
  2. Fill with pattern
  3. Apply PSP texture effects/Mosaic glass with these settings......or play with the settings and find something you like better . Grid: 25, 25. Mosaic: Glass Curvature 50: Edge Curvature 10 Grout width 2L Grout diffusion 50.
  4. Copy your chosen frame and paste as new layer.
  5. With the pick tool stretch the frame to almost touch the sides of the image.
  6. With this layer still selected, use the magic wand to select OUTSIDE the frame.
  7. Go to the mosaic layer and press the delete key. Your image should look like this. DO NOT MERGE the layers yet.
   8. Copy your misted scene and paste it as a new layer (CTRL+L) just above the background layer.. resize it to fit comfortably without covering all the mosaic glass.
   9. Copy your flower pot and paste as a new layer between the misted scene and the frame. If any bits stick out beyond the frame, carefully delete them with the eraser.
  10. Give your flower-pot a drop shadow with these settings.....

Offset Horizontal & Vertical 4:      Opacity 80:       Blur 10 

Your layer palette should now look something like this....


11. Merge all layers (flatten) and save as a JPG.