by Fran, September, 2011



First choose your main picture tube and with the eye dropper, pick a light forground color and a darker background color and make them into a Foreground/background gradient.  Make it a linear gradient Angle = 90%: Repeats = 5.

1.       New image 700 x 550 transparent

2.       Fill with your gradient

3.       Go to Adjust/ Blur/ Gaussian blur - radius 16

4.       Duplicate layer

5.       On new layer Effects/ Reflection effects/ Pattern/ Four by four

6.       Blend mode Multiply and bring top layer opacity down to 65%

7.       Make a new layer and select all

8.       Find a nice pattern (I used a photo of pebbles) and paste into selection.

9.       Make the blend mode of this layer Soft light and bring the opacity down to 50% (Or whatever you think looks good.)

10.   Find a misted tube that complements the colors of your background and paste as a new layer.

11.   Blend mode Overlay and bring down opacity to about 60%.

12.   Merge visible layers.

13.   Add your lady tube and put into position.

14.   New layer

15.   With the Rectangle selection tool draw a thin rectangle at the left edge of the image and two more closer together to the right of this.

16.   16 Fill these with gold or any metallic color.

17.   Select the gap between the extreme left bar and the next and fill with your original gradient - but this time repeats=9 and angle 140%.

18.   While still selected go to Adjust/ Add remove noise and add noise/ random/ 50%

19.   Merge All (Flatten)

20.   Effects/ 3D effects/ Buttonize:  size=10: color=white.

21.   Add your text and your watermark.

To use the kind of text I used ...

i.         choose a fairly "fat" font - (mine is Cooper Black) - with these settings

ii.       size = 48: alignment= centre: Anti=alias= sharp: stroke width=1: Create as = SELECTION : everything else as default. OK

iii.      In the layer palette, right click on this layer and choose "Promote selection to layer"

iv.     On the promoted layer, go to Effects/ 3D effects/ drop shadow with these settings


    v.   Same drop shadow again but this time change Vertical and Horizontal to minus 2 and color to white.

    vi.  De-select and merge down.   Save.