by Fran, October 2011

Materials Needed:  Tube, gold fill, doodle of your choice. Filters: Flaming Pear, Solidify,

1. New image 700 x 550

2. Make or choose a linear gradient - 90 degrees / repeats=as many needed to make 8 vertical pillars

3. Effects/ Distortion /wave/ with these settings

4. Duplicate layer

5. On lower layer apply Flaming pear/ Solidify C,

6. Add gaussian blur and monochrome Gaussian noise at 56

7. On upper layer add same noise and change blend mode to Luminance (legacy)

8. Still on this layer apply drop shadow and drop opacity to 45

9. Merge visible layers

10. Add new layer

11. With Rectangular selection tool and custom selection use these settings

12. Flood fill with gold

13. With Rectangular selection tool and custom selection use these settings: Top =35: left=0: Right=700: Bottom=40

14. Fill with gold.

15. Duplicate this layer and rotate 90 degrees Left (All layers unchecked)

16. Move down and to left of image to fit top and bottom and cross Horizontal lines

17. Merge these 2 layers and give them this drop shadow: H & V = 2: Opacity = 100: Blur = 2: color = black

18. Add your tube of lady on right of picture and give her the same drop shadow as step 8.

19. Add one or two gold "doodles" Give them a drop shadow with the settings of step 17.

20. Go to Image/ add borders and add a 2 pixel black border

21. Effects / 3D effects/ Buttonize with these settings: H & V = 20: Opacity= 75: Color = black : Edge = transparent

22. Put on your watermark and save.