by Lynn

This tutorial was created in November 2007 and is the property of Leyla’s Own.
Done in PSP X, the writer assumes you have some knowledge of PSP.
The result of this tutorial is your own
although the spirit in which it was intended is encouraged.
All material is copyright and belongs to me.

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Filters Unlimited 2


Open all tubes and patterns, place on your workspace
Create a new image 650w x 500h. In the material palette, set your Foreground to Pattern and select ‘pale blue brush strokes’. Floodfill with pattern, angle 0, scale 100.

Raster/new raster layer. Copy/paste ‘Winter tube354_monique’. Move slightly to the top and flush with the right hand side.

Change your foreground Pattern to ‘Wallpaper Pyna_Kit_Natal’ Raster/new raster layer. Choose custom selection with the following settings: Left 30, top 0, right 250, bottom 500.

Custom Selection

Floodfill with ‘Wallpaper Pyna_Kit_Natal’ pattern; angle 0, scale 100, do not deselect. Drop shadow with the following settings: horiz3 vert3 opacity60 blur 20, colour black #404040, selections none.

Copy/paste ‘Scroll tailouana_deco20’. Change blend mode to dissolve (poor man’s glitter lol) and reduce opacity to 72%. You don’t want a DS here, it will appear too muddy.

Copy/paste ‘Bells Silver Bow Jingle Bells_Tubed by Gini_11-13-05’. (I have tinkered with the nodes in the deformation settings, you may place them to taste.). Drop shadow horiz5 vert5 opacity60 blur 20, colour black #404040.

Copy/paste ‘Candle’. Move to the lower right. Change blend mode to luminance legacy and lower opacity to 82. Same drop shadow as previously.

Use a font of your choice.

Layers merge visible.

Image add borders symmetric UNCHECKED. Top 12, right 0, right 12, bottom 0. Click on your magic wand and floodfill with your ‘pale blue brush strokes’. Effects/Filters Unlimited/Special Effects 1/Shiver: settings 27 and 22. Effects/Edge Effects/Enhance.

File/Export/Jpeg optimizer - compression of 20.

Leyla’s Own