Morning Glory

a Tutorial by Lynn



This tutorial was created in March 2009 and is the property of Leyla’s Own. Done in PSP X, the writer assumes you have some knowledge of PSP. In a new endeavour I have given you the outline and settings to do the tutorial, please add your own IMAGINATION, TEXT, BRUSHES and/or GRADIENTS to finish it off – it is a guideline only. Copyright on this design belongs to Leyla’s Own

Texture made by MsTique

Filters used: Filters Unlimited 2, Sapphire; Simple, Alien Skin Eye Candy5, VanDerlee

Foreground #836fff; background #473c8b.  A complimentary gradient to go with this, such as metallic silver1.  Place this in the foreground.  Your final set up will look like this:



Let's Begin:


Open  a new transparent image, 800 x540 and floodfill with your gradient.

Layers duplicate: image/free rotate/right/90. Layers duplicate, image/free rotate/right/180.  Effects/Edge effects/Enhance more. Blend mode HARD LIGHT, opacity 100, layers /merge/visible.

Layers duplicate; Effects/Filters Unlimited/Sapphire Filters 0001; with settings as follows:  207/95/72/236/84/211. Blend mode BURN, opacity 100.




New raster layer and choose custom selection; load selection with your gradient: L20/T20/R110/B520

Effects/Illumination effects/lights: use default settings. Deselect. Effects/edge effects/erode; change blend mode to LUMINANCE, opacity to 100.

New Raster layer: change your gradient settings as follows: 90/2/unchecked/Radial/0/50. With your selection tool draw a slim vertical line (between positions 20 and 520), zoom in if you have to and fill your gradient with the floodfill tool.   Effects/Distortion effects/Wave with the following settings: 5/66/0/100/wrap. Move slightly to the right. Duplicate and resize by 65%; image flip and move so white part is joined at the top, layers merge down. Effects/3D effects/drop shadow; 2 2 60 0 colour 202020. Change blend mode to HARD LIGHT, opacity to 100.

Change your gradient settings as follows: 90/1/unchecked/Radial/0/50.

New raster layer; and choose custom selection; load selection with your gradient: L150/Top0/R800/B540; Effects/Filters Unlimited/Sapphire Filters 0061; with settings as follows: 115/53/207/78/24/87/116/124; selections none. Effects/edge effects/enhance

Load your custom selection again, promote selection to layer; effects/simple diamonds.  New raster layer, with your freehand selection tool, starting at position 150, draw up to 800, down to 540, then back to the 150 starting point, load texture provided, or one of your own choosing, and paste into selection. Deselect. Effects/Vanderlee/Unplugged-X with the following settings (your blend has already been changed to OVERLAY.

New raster layer, draw a small circle and fill with your foreground colour; effects/Alien Skin EC5 Impact/bevel upwards. Place as shown where the small rectangular bevel is located.

Please add your choice of borders and save as a jpeg