After the Storm

This tutorial was created in October 2007
and is the property of Leyla’s Own.
Done in PSP X, the writer assumes you have some knowledge of PSP.
The result of this tutorial is your own
although the spirit in which it was intended is encouraged.
All material is copyright and belongs to me.

Supplies: Here

Filters needed:
Open the supplies in PSP and let’s get started.


Create a new image 640w x 500h Floodfill with gradient: Aged ochre; 0/0/ linear, invert checked. Effects/Plugin Filters/FunHouse/Xaggerate using the default settings as shown; waves: 70/50. Effects/Plugin Filters/Edge Effects/Enhance. Enhance again.

enhance edge

Open tube Hansel morning mallards.
Copy/paste as a new layer. Resize, (increase) by 140% and lower opacity to 60.
Apply a drop shadow using the following settings 5/5/50/20 black.

Open tube lightening-design_eclipse_mist.
Copy/paste as a new layer. Move image to the left.
Using your deformation tool, stretch the nodes from the top and bottom only.
Change the blend mode to hard light. Apply the same drop shadow as previously.

Open tube tailouana_paysage33.
Copy/paste as a new layer and move up and to the right. Same drop shadow.
Here’s what we have so far.

Image so far

Open tube F-Aout2007-52 and reduce by 96%, moving tube down and to the right. Same drop shadow, repeat and lower opacity to 84.
Open tube Word Art text tube wild things. Copy/paste as a new layer using same drop shadow as previously. Move into an appropriate position.

On an added note, the drop shadows are there for you, but please feel free to experiment. You are encouraged to do some touch-up with any tools at your disposal.
Most of all!!! HAVE FUN.
Save as a .jpeg, and lower your compression to around 25

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial