Tutorial by Leyla, 4 Feb 2010

Supplies Needed:

Paint Shop Pro, this was made in PSPX, but I would assume most versions would work

Filters:  Fun House "Loom"  and "Vibes"

AP01 Innovations "Lines"


 Supplies HERE



Let's Begin:

1.  Open a new image, 800x550.

2.  Open your background named sweetbackground and copy.  Go back to your new image, select all, paste into image.



3.  Open sweet1.pspimage and copy.  Paste into your background.

 4.  Filters Unlimited-Fun House/Loom

                   Settings: 54/9/173/156/171/154/108/72

5.  Effects: AP01 Innovations/Lines Silverlining:

                       Settings: 6/-1/10 Dotty grid


6.  Drop Shadow       1/1/60/0/black and repeat using -1-1  V and H


6. New Raster Layer Custom selection Left 250 / Top 0 / Right 600 / Bottom 550 

7.  Take your sweet2.jpg and make it a pattern in your layer palette.  Angle 0, Scale 200.  Fill your new raster layer with this pattern.  Adjust: Radial blur at default.

8.  Filters Unlimited/Funhouse/Vibes

    Settings: Vibrations 19, everything else at zero

9.  3D Effects: Chisel: 37/ transparent/ color 4f3219

10.  Effects/Edge effects/Enhance x2  Deselect.

11.  Add your choice of tube and any other elements.  Drop shadow as in #6, or your choice.

Effects/Edge effects/Enhance xs 2


Add 1 pixel black, one pixel 4f3219, 1 black, 20 of 4f3219.  Select the 20 pixel with magic wand and fill with pattern.  Radial blur.  Enhance edge. 1 pixel black.  Add your watermark and you are finished.

Leyla's Example


Bobbi's Example

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  It was a combined effort:  Leyla wrote it, Bobbi provided the web site and web page.


Any questions please contact us.   Bobbi or Leyla