Blues in the Night Tutorial
Tutorial written in July 2010 by RoniElaine
                                                                                                  Variation using tubes by MTereza FP and Anna
This tutorial was written using PSP X.
    Similar results can be obtained in earlier or later versions
    but may be slightly different.
    Although my tutorials are my own creations, they are almost always
    inspired by seeing so many beautiful creations in many groups.
    Any similarities are truly the effects of viewing, using and enjoying the
    tutorials written by many others.
    I encourage you to use other supplies and to experiment with
    different settings to create something of your own.
Skill Level - Intermediate
Filters Needed:
    Xero - Porcelain  HERE
       (if you have an older version, the full set of 40
         is available on the download link)
Supplies:  HERE
    blues pattern2_rec   (my pattern)
     celt knot decor-blues (KEMc09).png
           or CJ_Edges 67A.psp
           or a decor tube of your choice
        *Note:  Supplies except for the pattern I made
                     are from older shared tubes with no known
                     viable current links to creators
      LD Music   (font) or font of your choice
1.  File > Open   blues pattern2_rec
      Window > Duplicate and minimize for letter background
      Window > Duplicate    and close original
           Note: You may colorize my pattern if using other tubes
                      and at Step 4,
                      choose your colors from your main tube
2.  Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance
     Effects > Distortion Effects > Twirl
        Settings: Degrees:   - 180  (minus 180)
                               or a setting of your choice from presets
3.   Layers > Duplicate
       Image > Flip
         In Layers Palette
         Lower opacity of this layer to 50%
       Layers > Merge > Merge Down
4.  File > Open K_Sokolova_BlueSatin_Moonstar
         Note:  We will be using this tube to develop mosaic layers.
           You may use your own main tube or a different tube.      
     Choose 2 colors or 2 shades of same color from your tube.
           I used #b9c6dd for light foreground and #404d77 for
          dark  background
     Edit > Copy    and close original
     Edit > Paste as New Layer    onto your main image
     Image > Resize
        Settings: 115 %    (or resize as needed depending upon
                                            your chosen tube)
                         Resample using Bicubic
                         Lock aspect ratio Checked
                         Resize all layers Unchecked
     Use Move Tool to move to left side.
5.  Layers > Duplicate
     Image > Mirror
     Layers > Arrange > Move Down
     Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic - Glass
            Settings: Default
     Edit > Repeat Mosaic - Glass
     Layers > Duplicate
     Image > Mirror
6.  Click on Copy of Raster 1......your mosaic layer on right side
      In Layers Palette, change blend mode to Overlay
     Click on Raster 1 (the lady), and close the visibility by clicking
           on the "eye".  We are finished with this tube but we can
           leave it there in case we want to make later changes.
7.   File > Open    bluesladyjk.pspimage  (or your main tube)
      Edit > Copy   and close
      Edit > Paste as New Layer on main image
      Image  > Resize
          Settings: same as before (115%)
          Note:  This is a very small tube so we will resize it in
          Edit > Repeat Resize   3 or 4 times
       Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen  (optional)
       Use Move Tool to move it into place on lower left side
       Effects > Plugins > Xero > Porcelain
           Settings: Default
                            50, 128, 128, 0, 0, 255
       Edit > Repeat Porcelain  (optional)
          Note: Depending on your tube, you may want to add a bevel
                     and/or drop shadow of your choice
8.   File > Open    DaisyWeb_BluesClub.psp
                                Select the mist layer
       Edit > Copy     and close original
       Edit > Paste as New Layer
       Use Move Tool to move to lower right corner
       Adjust opacity to your preference - I used 34%
9.   Add text of your choice  (optional)
          I used LD Music font at two different sizes
       Add bevel and drop shadows of your choice
       Layers > Merge > Merge All 
10.  Image > Add Borders
          Settings: 2 pixels of your dark color  - Symmetric
        Selections > Select All
        Selections > Modify > Contract
           Setting: 2 pxs
        Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout
            Settings:  0, 0, 100, 10, Black
        Selections > Select None
11.   Image > Add Borders
           Settings: 40 pixels of your light color
         Use Magic Wand to select border
         Effects > Texture Effects > Texture
            Settings:  Select a texture of your choice
                               or use the default.  I used the default
                               using my light color.
         Selections > Select None
          Image > Add Borders
             Settings: 2 pixels of your dark color
12.    Optional Step
              Note:  Option is to add any corners or decor
                          you wish to use.
         File > Open    celt knot decor-blues (KEMc09).png
         Edit > Copy     and close original
         Edit > Paste As New Layer
         Image > Resize
            Setting: 50%
         Use Move Tool to move to upper left corner
         Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
             Settings of your choice
13.  Layers > New Raster Layer
            Add your watermark in your usual method
        Layers > Merge Visible
        Image > Resize
            Resize to your preference.  I used 700 px width
        File > Export  through JPEG Optimizer
            Setting:   20 - 30
14.  Use the duplicate copy of blues pattern2_rec as a background
        if making this into a letter.   You may colorize it to go with the
        tubes you have chosen or add a layer of color from your main
        tube and adjust opacity or change to a blend mode
        You may also resize it to 400 x 400
        File > Export    Setting: 20 - 30
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
I want to thank Cal, Claire, Francine, Heather and Janet
for testing it for me !!
Your input is much appreciated !
Although this tutorial is written for The PSP Fun Group
feel free to share my tutorials.
I only ask that you not claim them as your own.
If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,
please contact me for permission.
Tutorial will be available at
under Guest Tut Writers and at