Carnivale Tutorial by

Roni Elaine





   This tutorial was written by me on 1-27-09 using PSP X but should

   work in other versions with just a few adjustments.

   It was written in "split screen" format so that

   you can work on the tutorial with PSP open on one

   side of your screen and the tutorial on the other side.

   Any resemblance to other tutorials is simply coincidental.


      Filters Needed

          FM Tile Tools - HERE

         I.C.NET Software - Filters Unlimited 2.0    HERE

          Neology - to be provided for you

             (Put in your plugin folder if you don't have it already)



      Supplies--Click HERE


      All supplies needed will be provided for you.

     I encourage you to use graphics of your choice 

     and make this your own "original" creation.

     At the bottom you will see another version of the tut.


     Three-colors 2  -  Photo by Marc Pelissier     

          Mr. Pelissier has given me permission to use this

          beautiful photo and to share with you.

          Please give him credit for his work with a link

          Website is


      pattern 1 (made by me for this tutorial)

      Carnivale mask tube (made by me for this tutorial)


1.   File > Open Three-colors 2 graphic; duplicate and close original

      Image > Resize to 500 pixels width; height will self adjust

      Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen


      Window > Duplicate   minimize this second copy


      Choose 2 colors from your image

       I used #125484 for foreground and #b2599b for background


2.   Effects > FM Tile Tools > Blend Emboss - default settings

        Option:  Repeat Blend Emboss if you want heavier embossing like mine

        Note:  Embossing can cause you to get some color change

                  on your edges.  You can use Push Brush to blend spots

                  on the edges if needed


       Selections > Select All

       Effects > 3D Effects > Cut Out

          Settings:  0, 0, 100, 10, black

       Selections > Select None


       Image > Add Borders   Add the following symmetric borders

        1 px black

        2 px background color

        2 px foreground color

        2 px background color

        2 px foreground color


      Selections > Select All

      Selections > Modify > Contract    Setting: 8

      Selections > Invert

      Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel

         Settings: Bevel #2, 30, 45, 5, -8, 20, white, 315, 70, 20

      Selections > Select None


3.   With Selection Tool, make a small square or rectangular selection

      from a colorful part of your image or use the one in the supplies.

      If using mine, just minimize to use as your pattern.

      You may change the coloring to go with different graphics


      If you made your own:

      Edit > Copy

      Selections > Select None


      Edit > Paste as New Image

      Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling  Default Setting

      Minimize it to use as a pattern


      In Material Palette, set this as your foreground pattern 

         Settings: 0, 100


      Image > Add Borders   Settings: 20px white symmetric

      With Magic Wand, select the border

      With Flood Fill tool, left click and fill with pattern. Keep selected.

      Layers > New Raster Layer

      Right click to Flood Fill with your background color.

      In Layer Palette, adjust opacity to about 50 or to your taste

        Note:  You may add a bevel of choice if you want to

      Selections > Select None

      Layers > Merge > Merge Down


4.  Image > Add Borders    Add the following borders

       2 px foreground color

       2 px background color

       2 px foreground color


     Selections > Select All

     Selections > Modify > Contract  Setting: 6

     Selections > Invert

     Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel   same settings

     Selections > Select None

     Layers > Promote Background Layer


     Image > Canvas Size

     At the top you see your image dimensions in pixels

     Set New Dimensions  to pixels

     Add 70 pixels to both width and height and enter those figures

        (My image is 570 x 404; my new settings are 640 x 474)

     Placement > Center Arrow


5.  Maximize your copy of the image that you made at Step 1

     Adjust > Blur > Radial Blur

    Settings Used: Zoom, Elliptical, 90, 11, 11, 15


       Note: Settings will depend on the image you are using

                  Try to get an interesting pattern around the edges.

                  On a different image I used Twirl, Elliptical

                   80, -45, 50, -50, 0


                  For this one it should look something like this




      Edit > Copy   minimize if you want to make the background I made


6.  Back to your canvas

     Layers > New Raster Layer

     Selections > Select All

     Edit > Paste into Selection

     Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom


     Check your Layer Palette to make sure you're on the bottom layer

     We're now going to get rid of most of that layer

     Since our border is 35 pxs on all sides, we'll delete all but 40 pxs of those borders


     Selections > Modify > Contract  Setting: 40

     Hit the Delete Key on your keyboard

     Selections > Invert


     Effects > Neology > Vasarely Mosaic   Setting: 20


     Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic Antique

       Settings: 27, 27, 41, 9, 12   Symmetric  checked

     Repeat the Mosaic Antique

        Note: During testing with different graphics one test did not

           look like examples.  If you don't like your result, use Undo to go back

           to where you contracted 40 pxs and try using between 39 to 43


     Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance

     Selections > Select None

     Layers > Merge > Merge Visible


     I.C.Net Software > Filters Unlimited > Buttons and Frames >

     3D Glass Frame 1    Default Setting


     Add your name or watermark the way you prefer.

     If only making a header or tag, you're finished !

     Optimize using the JPEG Optimizer  Setting: 25


7.  If making this background

     Maximize the blurred image you made at Step 5

     I.C.Net Software > Filters Unlimited > Distortion > Crumple

       Settings: Default

     Effects > Image Effects > Seamless   Default Setting


     Layers > New Raster Layer

     Flood Fill with one of your colors

        I used my background color


     In Layer Palette adjust opacity and/or blend mode of the layers

     until you have a text friendly background

     I changed the Blend Mode of my color layer to Screen

     I changed the Opacity of the pattern layer to 55

     Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

     Edit > Copy


8.  File > New

     Settings:  1280 width (or to your liking) 220 height, transparent

     Selections > Select All 

     Edit > Paste into Selection

     Selections > Select None

     Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling

       Settings: Edge, Vertical


     If adding my Carnivale Mask tube for a border, open the tube

     Edit > Copy

     Edit > Paste as a New Layer

     Use your Move Tool to move it all the way to the left

        Note: Feel free to change the color of this tube to go with other images

     Optimize using the JPEG Optimizer  Setting: 25


Another version of this tutorial



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
I want to thank Wiciyela and Dianne for testing it for me.
Please link this tutorial to the Winni Lessons Group

Although this tutorial is written for the Winni Fun Group,

feel free to share my tutorials. 
I only ask that you not claim them as your own. 
If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson, please contact me for permission.