Come Into My Parlor Tutorial



Tutorial by RoniElaine - 7/24/08

Skill Level - Intermediate

  This tutorial was written using PSP X but should work
   in other versions with just a few adjustments.
  The tutorial was written in "split screen" format so that
   you can work on the tutorial with PSP open on one
   side of your screen and the tutorial on the other side.
   Environmentally friendly; no need to print.

Supplies Needed ---HERE

      No outside filters are used in this tutorial.

     Mask CMV_spider - place into your Masks folder
     paper 1_spider
     bg with spider mask 2
     spider - mull
     spider - winni
     A main tube of your choice  (see note below)

      All supplies needed will be provided for you.
     I encourage you to use a main tube of your choice
     and make this your own "original" creation.

     I have used a witch tube by CherSwitz (thanks Cher!)
     It is included in the zip file for you
     CherSwitz-sheethalloween 4_BW


  All settings will remain the same
   unless new settings are given.

   Make sure you have loaded the CMV_spider mask
   to your mask folder.

Ready - Set - Go

Making the Header

1.  File > Open > Paper1_spider  (from zip file)

2.  Shift + D (to duplicate)
     You may close Paper1 now

3.  Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask from Disk
     Source luminance
     Fit to canvas
     Hide all mask
     Invert checked

4.  Layers > Merge > Merge Group

5.  Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance

6.  Image > Resize
     Width - 800 pixels
     Height  - 600 pixels
     Resample using Bicubic
     Lock aspect ratio: unchecked
     Resize all layers: checked

7.  Layers > Add New Raster Layer

8.  Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom

9.  With Raster 1 highlighted in your layer palette
     Selections > Select All

10.  File > Open > bg with spider mask 2

11.  Cntl + C  (to copy)
       You can now close bg with spider mask 2 and
       return to your other image

12.  Edit > Paste Into Selection

13.  Selections > Select None

14.  File > Open > CherSwitz-sheethalloween 4_BW
       (or tube of your choice)

15.  Cntrl + C  (to copy your tube)
       You can now close your tube and return to your
       original image

16.  Edit > Paste as New Layer

17.  Layers > Arrange > Bring to Top

18.  Use Move Tool to move your tube to the left side.
       Refer to my example for positioning.

19.  In Layer Palette - shut off visibility of bottom two
       layers by clicking on the "eye"

20.  Resize your tube if needed (with resize all layers  
       unchecked).   Leave some space at top, bottom
       and left side as we will be copying the tube.  I
       resized my tube by 115%.

21.  Layers > Duplicate

22.  Image > Resize
       (I resized by 115% for this tube)

23.  Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic Antique
       100, 75        50, 3, 50
        Symmetric not checked

24.  Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic Glass
       Default settings
       (or a setting of your choice)

25.  Layers > Arrange > Move Down

26.  Optional:  Depending on the size of your tube
       and the size of your mosaic effect, you may want
       to resize these layers again at this time.  Just make
       sure that it only fills about half of your image.
       I resized my mosaic effect at 110% again and
       moved my mosaic effect to the right to make it
       more centered under the tube.

27.  In layer palette, turn on visibility of your two
       bottom layers by clicking on the "eyes".

28.  In layer palette, highlight Copy of Raster 2 which
       is your mosaic layer
       Change the Blend Mode to your liking.
       I used Screen but play a bit and get what you like

29.  In your layer palette, highlight Raster 2, tube layer

       Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance

       *****Note: This is a "powerful" effect and may not
       work well with all tubes.  
       Options are to add your favorite bevel and/or
       drop shadows.

30.  File > Open > Spider-mull

31.  Ctrl + C  (to copy the tube)
       You may now close this tube and return to image

32.  Edit > Paste As New Layer

33.  Image > Resize
       Resize by 85 percent or to your liking

34.  Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance

35.  Use your Mover Tool to move the spider to the
       lower right corner.
       Note:  you may add a bevel or drop shadow of
       your choice if you choose

36.  File > Open > spiderandweb

37.  Ctrl + C  (to copy the tube)
       You may close this tube now

38.  Edit > Paste As New Layer

39.  Image > Resize
       Resize by 85%

40.  Use your Move Tool to position it in the central
       part of the spider web
       Refer to my example for positioning

41.  Adjust > Sharpness > Unsharp Mask
       (if needed)

42.  In layer palette, set Blend Mode at Overlay

43.  Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

44.  Image >  Add Borders
       All settings at 2 with Symmetric checked
       Color: Black

45.  Selections > Select All

46.  Selections >  Modify > Contract
         Settings:   2

47.  Effects > Cutout
        0, 0,      100, 10
      Shadow color: black

48.  Selections > Select None

49.  In your Materials palette
       Use your dropper tool to select two colors for your frame.
        For this one I chose ed594c for my foreground and
        f4c199 for my background
        Linear  (the first one)
        Angle and Repeats at 0

50.  Image > Add Borders
        All set at 20 with symmetric checked

51.  Magic Wand
        RGB Values
        Tolerance and Feather:  0
        Contiguous checked
        Anti-alias checked

52.  Effects > 3D effects > Inner Bevel
            Bevel Number 8
            W: 20
                20, 70, 0, 20
                White, 225, 40, 40

53.  Selections > Select None

54.  Image > Add Borders
       All set at 1
      Color: Black

55.  Image > Resize
      Here you can resize your image for however you want
        to use it.  I am resizing mine to 525pxs in height as I
        will use it as a header for a letter.

Special Note:  Now you get to add your text or as an
option any special tubes or effects you wish you use.
Extra spider tubes are supplied for you to use.
I added several extra spiders to mine.
You have about 1/4 of the image to play with and
make it your own.  
I am going to add text to this one but I can see some
great results from adding other tubes of your choice.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
I want to thank Trouble and Wiciyela for testing it for me.
Please link this tutorial to the Winni Lessons Group

Although this tutorial is written for the Winni Fun Group,
feel free to share my tutorials.  
I only ask that you not claim them as your own.  
If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,
please contact me for permission.