New Year Countdown Tutorial


New Year Countdown Tutorial

by RoniElaine - Nov 14, 2009


Second example


This tutorial was written using PSP X but should work in other versions

    with just a few adjustments.
    It was written in "split screen" format so that
    you can work on the tutorial with PSP open on one
    side of your screen and the tutorial on the other side.

    I encourage you to use other tubes to make your own creation.


    This tutorial is my own creation. Any similarities to other tutorials 
        are purely coincidental.


Skill Level : Intermediate


Filters Needed:

  MuRa's Seamless HERE  


Supplies:  All materials needed are supplied for you.

                   I encourage you to use tubes of your own.

                   All supplies are shared tubes and font.


                   vsc_339     Tube by Vicki

                   cindy~NY3_07    Tube by Cindy


                   Flower Burst Brass Corner

                   Font: PaisleyICG

                  Click HERE for supplies


1.   File > Open

        Open your main tube - vsc_339

        Window > Duplicate and close your original.


        Choose 2 colors from your tube.

           Light color for foreground - I used #f9cfa9

           Medium color for background - I used #c23100

        Minimize your tube.


      File > New

        Open a transparent image 700 width x 500 height

        In Materials Palette, set foreground to a gradient.


       Settings: Linear, Angle 42, Repeats 5

                        Invert checked


       Use your Flood Fill Tool to fill image with gradient.


2.   Effects > Plugins > MuRa's Seamless >

       Warp at Wave

          Settings:  64, 1, 128, 1, 0, 0 



      Effects > Plugins > MuRa's Seamless >

        Shift at Wave 

           Settings: 1, 64, all others at 0


      Effects > Plugins > MuRa's Seamless >

         Shift at  Random

           Settings: 255, 16, 0, 0


      Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance


3.   Use your Selection Tool to make a Custom Selection


            Rectangle, Top and Left 0, Right 700, Bottom 80



       Edit > Copy

       Selections > Select None


       Image > Canvas Size

           Settings: Width - Original Dimension of 700,

                            Change Height to 580

                            Center bottom arrow


       Edit > Paste as New Layer

       Image > Flip


       Use your Move Tool to move to the top until the

          layers meet.

       Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

          Note: If you have some tiny marks at the upper

                     right and lower left, you can use your Push

                     Brush or Smudge Brush to fix those.


4.    This step is for those wanting to make a letter 

        background. If just making a tag, skip this step.


        Use your Selection Tool to make a Custom Selection.

          Settings: Top 200, Left 250, Right 450, Bottom 400


        Edit > Copy

        Edit > Paste as New Image and minimize for later.

        Selections > Select None


 5.   Maximize the vsc_339 tube

       Edit > Copy   You may close this tube now


       Edit > Paste as New Layer on your main image.

         Use your Move Tool to move to lower left.


       Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel


          Settings: Bevel #2, 10, 20, 2, 2, 20

             White, 315, 45, 30


       Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow

          Settings: 4, 4, 50, 15, Black

             Repeat with -4 settings


6.    File > Open

         Open the cindy~NY3_07 tube 

       Adjust > Color Balance

          Setting:  Move slider all the way to the right

                          to Warmer

            Note: During testing, people using PSP9 had

               to use other methods.  Use whatever method

               to change cool colors to warm colors that

               works for you.  You can try:

               Adjust - Color Balance - Grey World Color Balance -

                       Move Slider all the way to the left   


               Adjust - Automatic Color Balance

                       Move Slider all the way to the left


       Edit > Copy    and close the tube

       Edit > Paste as New Layer 

       Image > Resize    Setting: 50%

                                      Resize all layers not checked

       Use your Move Tool to move to lower right.

           See example for placement.


       Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen


       Apply same Bevel as Step 5

       Edit > Repeat Inner Bevel


7.    File > Open    Open Countdown

         Use your Selection Tool to select the text

           of all of the numbers.   Do not include Happy

           New Year in your selection.


        Edit > Copy  You may close this now.

        Edit > Paste as New Layer


        Image > Resize    Setting: 35%

          Use your Move Tool to move to the upper right.


        In Layers Palette, turn off Raster 2 (the hat)

         Use your Selection Tool to select the word "one".


        Edit > Copy

          Hit the Delete Key on your keyboard.

        Selections > Select None


        Edit > Paste as New Layer


        In Layers Palette, make the hat layer visible.

          Use your Move Tool to move the word "one"

           to the right of the hat.

        Layers > Merge > Merge Down


8.     If you do not already have this font,

          Open the font - PaisleyICG and minimize to desktop.


        Select Font Tool  - Set size to 72

        In Materials Palette change  background color

                to Black

          Type an Exclamation Point after the word "one".


          Type the numbers 2010 and place at upper left.

            See example for placement.

               Note: Your choice to leave background color

                         at black or change back to #c23100


        Add Bevel and/or Drop Shadows of your choice.


        Layers > Merge > Merge All


9.     Image > Add Borders

          Settings:  2 pixels of black


        Selections: Select All

        Selections: Modify > Contract

           Setting: 2

        Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout

           Settings: 0, 0 100, 20, black

        Selections > Select None


        Image > Add Borders

           Settings: 50 pxs of your light color


        Use your Magic Wand to select the border.


        Effects > Texture Effect > Blinds

           Settings:  8, 70, black, Horizontal and

                             light from left/top checked


        Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel    Same settings

        Image > Add Borders 

           Setting: 1 px of black


        Selections > Select None


10.   File > Open

          Open Flower burst brass corner

        Edit > Copy    and close original

        Edit > Paste as New Layer

        Image > Resize    Setting: 95%


        Use the Move Tool  to move to upper left corner.

        Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Sahdow

              of your choice


        Layers > Duplicate

        Image > Mirror

        Layers > Merge > Merge Down

        Layers > Duplicate

        Image > Flip

        Layers > Merge > Merge Visible


        Image > Add Borders

          Settings: 2 pixels of black


        Layers > Add a New Layer

           for your watermark.


        Resize your image to your liking !

        I resized to a height of 600


        File > Export through JPEG Optimizer

              Setting: 25


11.  If making a letter background:


       Open the image you made at Step 4

          for a background.


        Effects > Plugins > MuRa's Seamless >

         Warp at Wave     Same settings


        Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling

          Setting: Default


        Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling

          Setting: Change tiling method to Edge


       Layers > New Raster Layer

       Use your Flood Fill Tool to fill with the foreground

         color.  Set Opacity at about 60 percent.

       Layers > Merge Visible


       File > Export through JPEG optimizer.



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

I want to thank  Cal, Claire, Francine and Heather

for testing it for me !!

Your input is much appreciated !

Please link this tutorial to The PSP Fun Group


Although this tutorial is written for the The PSP Fun Group

feel free to share my tutorials.

I only ask that you not claim them as your own.

If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,

please contact me for permission.

Tutorial will be available at

under Guest Tut Writers after release to the Fun Group.