Majestic Tutorial by RoniElaine


Tutorial by RoniElaine - Written on  June 17th, 2009   
Skill Level - Intermediate
  This tutorial was written using PSP X but should work
   in other versions with just a few adjustments.
   It was written in "split screen" format so that
   you can work on the tutorial with PSP open on one
   side of your screen and the tutorial on the other side.
Supplies Needed

    No outside filters are used for this one 

Supplies: Click HERE
     All supplies needed are provided for you.
     I encourage you to use tubes and a background of your choice

     and make this your own "original" creation



     JHanna_160 background

        Many thanks to Johanna for giving permission

        to use her creations.  Johanna's tubes are currently

        available at Top Designs.  Her personal website will

        be added when it is set up. 

      mtancientframe - group share frame by Tanya

      dark flower tube 

      dae~01-26-07 ~boulet_eagle_shaman2 - group share

      Tube filly_flower (8)_transparent - group share by Filly


       Note: It is not easy to find a different background graphic

                 to use to vary your creation.

                 The background works well using fractals so I will

                 include an additional fractal background image for you. 

                 You can use  the center fractal image for Step 1.  

                 You can change colors, blend modes and opacity

                 for Step 2 or later steps.


                 An example is included at the bottom of the tutorial.


                 fractal background_Roni

                 from fractal by Kim Pease


                 Another source for fractals that you can use is


 No Special preparation is needed before starting this tutorial.

 I suggest that you try the tutorial as written and then branch out

 and try fractals or other backgrounds on your own.     


1.   File > Open

      Open JHanna_160 background (or background or fractal of your choice)

      Window > Duplicate

      You may close your original now.


     On the open copy:

      Click on your Selection Tool 

      Settings:  Circle, Add Shift, Feather 0, A/A checked

         Make a circular selection that looks similar to this

         from the top center of the image

         (or from other circular parts if using a different background)



        Edit > Copy

        Edit > Paste as a New Image

        Minimize this circular selection for later use.

        Selections - Select None


2.     On your open background image

        Image > Resize

        Settings: 800 width, 600 height, Bicubic

                         Lock Aspect Ratio - not checked

                         Resize all layers  - checked


        Layers > Promote Background Layer

        Layers > Duplicate

        Image > Flip


        In Layer Palette set opacity of this layer at 50%

        Layers > Merge Down


        Optional Step: Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance


3.   File > Open

      Open mtancientframe

      Window > Duplicate and close the original

      Image > Resize

      Settings: Same settings as before


      Edit > Copy

      Edit > Paste as a New Layer


      Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel

      Settings:  Bevel #2

                        8, 0, 1, 0, 0, White, 315, 50, 30


      Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow

      Settings: 2, 2, 40, 2, Black

                       Repeat with -2 settings for first 2 settings


4.   Maximize the circular image we made at Step 1

      Edit > Copy

      Edit > Paste As a New Layer onto your main image

      Layers > Arrange > Move Down


      In Layer Palette set Blend Mode on Luminance


      Image > Resize

      Settings: 75%, lock aspect ratio checked,

                       Resize all layers unchecked


      Use your Move Tool to move into the upper

      center of your graphic. 

      Note: Placement setting will depend on how you made

                 that layer at Step 1.  See sample for an example

                 of placement.

                (Mine has turned out differently depending on how I made

                  the selection.)


       Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow

       Settings: 2, 2, 70, 10, black


5.   File > Open

      Open JHanna_160_070609

      Image > Resize

      Settings:  75%, bicubic, Lock aspect ratio

                        and Resize all layers checked


      Edit > Copy  You may close the tube now

      Edit > Paste as New Layer on your main image

      Use your Move Tool to move her to the lower right side


      Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow

      Settings: 23, -25, 50, 30, Black


6.   File > Open

        Open dark flower tube

      Edit > Copy   You may close the tube now

      Edit > Paste as New Layer


      Image > Resize by 125 %, all layers not checked

      Use your Move Tool to move to lower left corner

          inside of the frame layer (see example)

      Set Blend Mode on Luminance


      Layers > Duplicate

      Use your Move Tool to arrange the two copies how

      you want them.  You may want to resize them also.


7.   File > Open

      Open dae~01-26-07 ~boulet_eagle_shaman2

      Edit > Copy   You may close this tube now

      Edit > Paste as New Layer


      Image > Resize

      Resize by 65%  - All layers not checked

      Use your Move Tool to move it to the top left inside frame


      Layers > Duplicate

      Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic Glass

      Settings: default

      Set your Blend Mode on Luminance

      Layers > Arrange > Move Down


      Option: Click on your original layer of this tube

                    and apply

                    Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance


8.   File > Open

      Open Tube filly_flower (8)_transparent

      Edit > Copy   You may close this tube now

      Edit > Paste as New Layer

      Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light


      In Layer Palette, move this layer below your

      main woman tube and position it as shown in

      example.  Your layer pallette should look like this.





9.  Image > Add Borders

     Add a 2 pixel symmetric border - color black


     Resize image to your liking and add your watermark.


     Variation of tutorial



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

I want to thank Claire and Heather for testing it for me !!

Your input is much appreciated !

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Although this tutorial is written for the The PSP Fun Group

feel free to share my tutorials.

I only ask that you not claim them as your own.

If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,

please contact me for permission.

Tutorial will be available at

under Guest Tut Writers after release to the Fun Group.