Ready for Mardi Gras Tutorial

by RoniElaine - Written on Jan. 22, 2010


The tutorial can also be done to use as a larger header image or a tag

using similar directions for a letter background.  Example at bottom.


This tutorial was written using PSP X.

    Similar results can be obtained in earlier versions but will be slightly



    Although my tutorials are my own creations, they are almost always

    inspired by seeing so many beautiful creations in many groups.

    Any similarities are truly the effects of viewing, using and enjoying the

    tutorials written by many others.

    I encourage you to use other supplies and to experiment with

    different settings to create something of your own.


Skill Level - Intermediate


Filters Needed:


         Italian Editors - Filtro Fantasma    HERE 


         Sinedots 2     HERE    


Supplies:  Click HERE



              by Hannah's Designs - Used with general permission.

                                                      Thanks Pat.


       Texture:   Grain Long Deep (standard to most versions of PSP)

         Gradient:  for mardigras  (by me)




       Install filters if needed.

       Put the texture in your PSP Patterns folder if you do not have it.

         Put the gradient in your PSP Gradients folder.


        All settings will remain the same unless different settings are given.


  1.  File > Open   Your tube or misted tube of choice  


        Window > Duplicate  and close the original


       Choose 2 colors from the tube - light to medium for foreground; 

                     medium to dark for background.

       I chose #8dd6f3 and #4c4aa2.

       Make a note of your light color for later use.


       Materials Palette - Set your foreground to a gradient.

           Settings: Foreground-background

                            Radial, 45, 4, invert not checked,50, 50


       Image > Resize if needed. 

            No wider than 400 pixels.  Height is not important

            but a very tall tube is not advised.

                 Settings: Bicubic, Lock aspect ratio and

                                  resize all layers checked


       Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen   if needed


  2.  Layers > New Raster Layer

       Flood Fill with the gradient.


       Effects > Reflection Effects > Rotating Mirror

            Setting: Click on the Default Arrow


       Effects > Texture Effects > Texture

            Settings: Click on the Default Arrow

                             Change the Texture to Grain long deep


       Edit > Copy

       Edit > Paste as New Image and minimize


       Back to your main image.

       Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom

       Layer Palette - activate your tube layer

       Move Tool - move your tube if needed


       ***If using a misted tube like the one provided,

       Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

             and go to the next step


       ***If using a regular tube, add a bevel and/or drop

           shadows of your choice.  Then Merge.


 3.   Image > Add Borders

             Settings: 2 pixels, symmetric, your darker color

       Selections > Select All

       Selections > Modify > Contract

             Setting: 2 pixels

       Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout

             Settings:  0, 0, 100, 10, black or your dark color

       Selections > Select None


  4.  Layer Palette -  Change your gradient to: for mardigras

                                  Change Angle to 0

       Image > Add Borders

             Settings: 15 pixels, White

       Magic Wand - Select the Border

       Flood Fill with the gradient

           Note: If you have trouble filling with gradient,

                     add a layer and fill that layer.  Merge Down.


       Effects > Texture Effects > Fur

             Setting: Click on the Default Arrow

       Edit > Repeat Fur

       Selections > Select None


       ******Repeat Step 3  and then continue here**********


       Magic Wand - Select the border

             Note: If you have trouble getting a "clean" border

                 in some versions of PSP, do whatever you usually do

                 to get the border selected correctly


       Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel

              Settings: Bevel #2, 31, 100, 50, -46 (minus),

                               0, White, 0, 50, 90


       Selections > Select None


  5.  Layers > Promote Background Layer

       Image > Resize

               Settings: Change Width to 400 pixels or the

                                width you prefer for a side border.


       Image > Canvas Size

                Settings: 1650 Width or your preference

                                 Add 40 pixels to height shown in

                                     Original Dimensions at the top

                                 Left Center Arrow

                                 Change Left setting to 20


       Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow

                Settings:  4, 4, 50, 10, black

                 Repeat with -4 (minus) for vertical and horizontal


  6.  Maximize the pattern you made at Step 2.

       Image > Resize

                Settings: 400 x 400, Lock aspect ratio Unchecked


       Minimize the pattern again.

       Materials Palette - Click on your foreground and select

                                        the pattern you made

                 Settings:  Angle 0, Scale 250


       Layers > New Raster Layer

       Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom

       Flood Fill with the pattern.

       Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling 

                   Setting:  Default

       Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling

                  Settings:  Edge, Vertical


       Effects > PlugIns > Italian Editors Effect >

                                         Effecto Fastasma

                  Settings: Default settings


       Layers > Duplicate

       Image > Flip

       Layers Palette - Set Opacity to 50

       Layers > Merge > Merge Down


       Image > Mirror

       Layers > Duplicate



  7.  Effects > Plugins > Dragon Fly > Sinedots 2

              Down at the bottom in the middle, click on the

              drop down list.  Select V-centre if you have

              that preset.  If not, use the settings in my

              screenshot and save it as V-centre for future use.

              Left click on the color bar and set the color as

              your foreground color.  Mine was 8dd6f3.



       Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance  (optional)


  8.  Layers > New Raster Layer

       Materials Palette - switch back to your light color.

       Flood Fill with your light color.


       Layers Palette - Settings:  Blend Mode - Luminance Legacy (L)

       Adjust Opacity to your liking.  Suggest 60 - 73

           (Note:  While you still have 3 separate background

                       layers, you can experiment with changing

                       opacity and/or blend modes.)


       Layers > Merge Down

       Edit > Repeat Layer Merge Down

       Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling

                        Same settings


       Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

       Layers > New Raster Layer and add your watermark.

       File > Export > JPEG Optimizer at 25-35 setting



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

I want to thank Cal, Claire, Heather and Janet

for testing it for me !!

Your input is much appreciated !

Please link this tutorial to The PSP Fun Group


Although this tutorial is written for The PSP Fun Group

feel free to share my tutorials.

I only ask that you not claim them as your own.

If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,

please contact me for permission.

Tutorial will be available at

under Guest Tut Writers after release to the Fun Group.


Roni   ----  see header example below


Note:  For those wanting to make a header or tag instead of a side border.

           Start with a New Image the size you make your headers/tags.

           I usually use something around 700 x 500 for a header.

           Add your tubes, text, etc. and follow directions for framing it.


           You can use the directions for a background as written in the tut.

           Example uses tubes by Kara