By Roni Elaine

Tutorial was written using both PSP X and PSPx3.
    Similar results can be obtained in earlier versions with just a few
    Although my tutorials are my own creations, they are almost always
    inspired by seeing so many beautiful creations in many groups.
    Any similarities are truly the effects of viewing, using and enjoying the
    tutorials written by many others.  
    I encourage you to use other supplies and to experiment with
    different settings to create something of your own.
Skill Level : Intermediate
Filters Needed:  FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss  HERE
Supplies:  HERE
        !Image - shared image; creator unknown
        JHanna_472 background
               Thanks to Johanna for letting me use her tube and background
                       for this tutorial.
                Art is by Nina Chen
        butterfly - shared tube: creator unknown
        Butterfly-Corner-1  - shared tube; creator unknown
        Font:  Bang LET Plain
        ** If any of these images are your creations please let me know
            so that credit can be given.
  1.  Open the supplied  !Image.  Duplicate and close original.
       Resize to 700 x 525 pxs.  Both boxes checked.
          Note:  You may Colorize it if using a different background
                      and/or tubes or colorize later.
       Open JHanna_472 background  or a background of your choice
             that will go with your chosen main tube.
       Duplicate and close the original.
       ***If making a letter background, set Selection Tool on Square
       and make a selection similar to this:
       Copy, paste as new image and minimize for later use.
       Select None on your main image.
       Note:  Step 2 resizing, mirroring and duplicating is for the
                  supplied background which will be stretched out.
                  You may skip any unneeded parts of the step if using
                  a different background.
                  If using a different background it should be 700 x 525 pxs.
  2.  Resize the supplied background to 525 x 525 pxs.
       Copy the background and minimize it. 
       Paste as a new layer onto your open image.
       Image - Mirror
       Move it all the way to the left side.
       Layers - Duplicate
       Image -Mirror
       Move it to the right until the edges meet.
        Layers - Merge - Merge Down
        Selection Tool - Custom Selection
         Settings: Left 0, Top 0, Right 538, Bottom 525
        Edit - Copy
        Layers - Delete
        Selections - Select None
        Selection Tool - Custom Selection
         Settings: Left 0, Top 0, Right 700, Bottom 525
        Add a New Raster Layer
        Paste into Selection.
        Select None.
  3.  FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss
       Repeat Blend Emboss
       Set Blend Mode to Soft Light or a blend mode of your choice.
            Note: Depending on the colors you are using, Soft Light will
                      fade your image too much.  Just try other Blend Modes.
       Select the bottom layer.
       Edge Effects - Enhance More
       Adjust the opacity of this layer to your liking.  I used 53%
       When satisfied with your background, Merge Visible.
   4. Add a 2 px border of black or a very dark color from your image.
       Select All.  Selections - Modify - Contract by 2pxs
       Effects - 3DEffects - Cutout
          Settings: 0, 0, 100, 20, black
       Select None
  5.  Open JHanna_472ŠNina_Chen  or main tube of your choice.
       Copy and close the original.  Paste as New Layer.
       Resize to 81%, Uncheck all layers
       Adjust resizing when using other tubes.
       Move the tube right so that her feet are touching the bottom.
          See example for placement.
       Sharpen if needed.
       Inner Bevel - #2, 8, 0, 1, 0, 0, white, 315, 50, 30
        Repeat the Inner Bevel.
        Add a drop shadow of your choice.
        I used 0, 0, 60, 10, black
  6.  Open butterfly
       Copy and close original.
       Paste as new layer.
       Duplicate and Merge Down
       Resize by 65%, all layers not checked.
       Place as shown in example.
       Repeat same Inner Bevel.
  7.  Open and minimize the font Bang LET Plain. 
       Select your font tool.
        Font size: 100 pxs - Bold
        Do as a Vector Layer
        Set your foreground color to a dark color.
         I used #385914 - a dark green
        Type the word "SPRING" or word(s) of your choice.
       Move and rotate it as shown in example.
       Convert to Raster Layer
       Duplicate the Layer and Merge Down
       Repeat the previous Inner Bevel twice.
       Add a Drop Shadow of your choice.
          I used  1, 1, 50, 3, black
  8.  Use a font of your choice to add the second text.
        I used Blackladder ITC which is a system font.
        I used font size 60 pxs.
        You can use any font and settings you want to use.
        For the font I used, switch your dark color to
           background and shut off the foreground color.
        Type:  The Time of Rebirth and move into place.
         Convert to a Raster Layer.
        Add bevel and drop shadows as used before.
        Merge All Layers.
  9.  Set your foreground and background colors to two
           shades of the same color.
       I used 2 shades of green - #dfeac7 and #5e7f60
       Set your foreground to a gradient of your choice.
       I used  Style Linear, Angle 45, Repeats 3
       Add a 35 px border of white, symmetric.
       Select with Magic Wand and Flood Fill with the gradient.
       Add Inner Bevel, same settings or bevel of your choice.
       Select None.
       Add a 1 px border of your dark color or black.
10.  Open Butterfly-Corner-1
        Duplicate and close original.
        Use your Eraser Tool to erase the gold parts
          at top right and at the bottom.
        Copy and minimize.
        Paste onto your main image.
        Resize by 75%
        Move to upper inner left corner so that the dark edging
             shows through the gold corner part.  See example.
        Sharpen if needed.
        Add the same Inner Bevel and drop shadow.
        Duplicate and Mirror the corner.
11.  Merge your layers and add a new layer for your watermark
          and any additional credits.
        Resize to your preference.  I resized to 700 x 542.
                             Both boxes checked.
        Export with JPEG optimizer.  Suggested setting of 20 - 25.
 1.  Maximize the image you made at Step 1.
      Edge Effects - Enhance
      Image Effects - Seamless Tiling
       Default setting - Corner - Bidirectional
  2. Add a new layer and fill with your light
          foreground color.
      Adjust opacity to your liking.  I used 43%
        Suggested setting of 40-55%
      Merge layers and resize to 400 x 400 pxs
     Export with JPEG Optimizer - suggested setting of 20%.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
     I want to thank Heather, Gina, Janet and Cal
     for testing it for me and giving me feedback !! 
     Your input is much appreciated !
     We can only write tutorials with the help of our friends!
     Feel free to share my tutorials.
     I only ask that you not claim them as your own.
     If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,
     please contact me for permission.
     Tutorial will be available at
     under Guest Tut Writers and at