Santa's Greetings - 2010   by RoniElaine
         Tutorial written on November 23, 2010
    Tutorial was written using both PSP X and PSP13.
    Similar results can be obtained in other versions with just a few
    Although my tutorials are my own creations, they are almost always
    inspired by seeing so many beautiful creations in many groups.
    Any similarities are truly the effects of viewing, using and enjoying the
    tutorials written by many others.
    I encourage you to use other supplies and to experiment with
    different settings to create something of your own.
    Skill Level - Intermediate
    No special filters are needed for this tutorial.
    Supplies:    HERE
             JHanna-245 background
             JHanna_245 tube
               Thanks so much to Johanna for allowing me to use and share her creations with you.
             Dec Series Christmas III 18 - 3    Shared tube by Montana Kate
             Text_rec    by me
    1.   File > Open  Open JHanna-245 background
          Window > Duplicate and close original
          Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize
               Settings: 158,  67
          Edit > Copy    and minimize.  You will use this again at Step 5.
          File > New    Make a new transparent image 800 x 600 pxs
          Selections > Select All
          Edit > Paste Into Selection
          Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance
          Selections > Select None  
   2.    File > Open    Dec Series Christmas III 18 - 3
          Edit > Copy    Close this tube now
          Edit > Paste As New Layer
               In Layer Palette, change:  Blend Mode Luminance (L), Opacity  83
          Use your Pick or Deformation Tool to reposition this image
          Use the center top and center bottom nodes to move it  up.
          Click on a different tool to deselect Pick or Deformation tool.
  3.   File > Open  Open  JHanna_245 tube
                               Select the tube layer if not already selected.
         Edit > Copy   Close the original now.
         (Optional) Edit > Paste As New Image
                           Minimize as you may want to use it again to make a background and 
                           resized it would make a nice sig tag.
         Edit > Paste as New Layer onto your working image.
         Use Move Tool to move it down to bottom of image.  See example.
         Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
             Settings: Bevel #2, 8, 0, 3, 0, 0, White, 315, 50, 30
         Edit > Repeat Inner Bevel   (optional)
   4.   In Layer Palette set your foreground to #d7dce8 and background to #455a91
         Set your foreground to a gradient
            Settings:  Linear, Angle 45, Repeats 3, Invert checked
         Image > Resize
           Settings: 533 x 400 pixels, Bicubic, Lock aspect Ratio and Resize all layers checked.
                  Note: For some versions of PSP you need to Merge before proceeding
         Image > Add Borders     Settings: 2 pxs of your light color
         Image > Add Borders     Settings: 2 pxs of your dark color
         Image > Add Borders     Settings: 20 pxs of white or your light color
         Select the border with your Magic Wand
             Settings: Add (Shift), RGB Value, Tolerance and Feather 0, Contiguous checked,
                                Anti-alias checked, Outside
         Left click to Flood Fill with your gradient
         Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic Glass (or a texture of your choice)
            Your choice of settings:   I used 50, 50, Symmetric Checked, 50, 0, 2, 50


         Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel    Same settings or your choice
         Selections > Select None
         Image > Add Borders    Settings: 2 pxs of your dark color
         Edit > Copy    You may close this main image now.
  5.    File > New
         Open a New Transparent Image   Settings: 900pxs x 600 pxs
         Edit > Paste As New Layer
         At Step 1 you minimized a copy of the background image. 
         It should be your first minimized image.
         Right click on the blue border of this minimized image and select Copy.
                   Note:  If you chose to maximize and copy, minimize it again.
         Selections > Select All
         Click on Raster 1 in your Layer Palette.
         Edit > Paste Into Selection
         Selections > Select None
   6.   Select Raster 2 - Your main image
         You may either just move it to the right side  with your Move Tool  or
          Image > Free Rotate   Settings: Right, Free, 4 degrees
                            No boxes checked.   And then:
           Use Move Tool to move the image towards the right side.  See example.
          Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
              Settings:  4, 4, 40, 6, Black
  7.     Now we are going to add text.
          You may add any text of your choice or use the one I made for you.
          If using my text:
          With your main image open.....
          Open > Text_rec
          Edit > Copy  Close this now.
          Edit > Paste as New Layer and move to left side.
          Effects > Drop Shadow    Same settings.
   8.    Image > Add Borders
            Setting: 2 pxs of white or your light color
           Image > Add Borders
             Setting: 2 pxs of your darker color
           Image > Add Borders
              Setting: 1 px of white
          Image > Resize to your liking. I would leave it at this size if doing a header.
               If adding a small side border I would resize to 775 - 800 pxs wide.
               Add any corners or decorations of your choice.  I left mine as it is.
          Image >  Add a layer to add your watermark in your usual way.
          File > Export using the JPEG Optimizer.  Suggested setting of 25
                     You may close it now.
   9.   Options for a background
          a)  Option 1:  Using the Johanna background
          Maximize the copy you made at Step 1.   Select None if needed.
          Image > Resize    Settings:  400 x 400   Lock aspect ratio not checked
          Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling   Setting: Default
          Layers > New Raster Layer
           Flood Fill with one of your colors.  Change foreground back to light color if using it.
                 Option:  You may add any seamless texture to it that you want to use.
           In Layer Palette, change opacity to your liking.   I used 92.
           Export using JPEG Optimizer.
           b) Option 2
           Maximize the tube image of Johanna's tube
           Using your Selection Tool set on Circle
              Click in the center of the ornament and make a circle.
           Your circular selection will look like this:
            Edit > Copy
            Edit > Paste As New Image
            Image > Canvas Size    Settings:  1750pxs x 200 pxs, left arrow checked
                                                                             or use the width you normally use
            Layers > Duplicate
            Layers > Merge Down
                     Option:  You may add a bevel or drop shadow of your choice.
                                      I used a drop shadow and changed it to 2, 2, 40, 6, black
            Layers > New Raster Layer
                Use Flood Fill Tool to fill with either color of your choice or lighter or
                        darker shades of the same color.
             Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom
             Add any seamless texture of your choice.   I used Fantastic Machine > Paint Engine
                         but you can use standard textures from PSP.  If the texture you choose is
                         not seamless, just use Image Effects > Seamless Tiling.
             Layers > Merge > Merge All
              Export using JPEG Optimizer.
              It should look something like this.
     I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
     I want to thank JanetB, Cal, Francine, and Gina
     for testing it for me !!  Your input is much appreciated !
     We can only write tutorials with the help of our friends!
     Although this tutorial is written for The PSP Fun Group
     feel free to share my tutorials.
     I only ask that you not claim them as your own.
     If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,
     please contact me for permission.
     Tutorial will be available at
     under Guest Tut Writers and at