Spooky House Tutorial


Tutorial by RoniElaine - 9/24/08
Spooky House
Second Example
Skill Level - Intermediate
  This tutorial was written using PSP X but should work
   in other versions with just a few adjustments.
  The tutorial was written in "split screen" format so that
   you can work on the tutorial with PSP open on one
   side of your screen and the tutorial on the other side.
   Environmentally friendly; no need to print.
Supplies Needed
      Filters Needed
     Alien Skin Eye Candy5: Nature      HERE
     Alien Skin Eye Candy 5: Texture   HERE
     I.C.NET Software - Filters Unlimited 2.0    HERE
     Fantastic Machines - Paint Engine  (optional)  HERE
      All supplies needed will be provided for you.
     I encourage you to use tubes of your choice 
     and make this your own "original" creation. 

     Supplies HERE

     HauntedMansion_Misted by Gini (shared tube)
     WS1-Irulana_Ardin 020908  (by Willeke)
     1Patries_Black branch-875214_Floral-13-8-08
          Thanks to Patries and Willike for allowing me
           to use and share their tubes.  They share
           their tubes at Patries Clean Tubes
     Mtm_bomen_Dead tree- 6 aug 2005
           Used according to TOU.  Thanks to Brigette
           for sharing her tubes at Top Design Tubes


  All settings will remain the same
   unless new settings are given.
   PSP Tool Settings are the defaults
   unless different settings are given.
Making the Header
1.  File > Open 
     Open the 4 tubes 
2.  Shift + D
     Duplicate the 4 tubes.  Close the originals.
     Mimimize your copies for now 
3.  File > New   
      Open a new transparent image 800 x 600  
4.   Tool Settings
       Dropper Tool
      Set foreground to a shade of red - I used da002e
      Set background to a shade of black - I used 404040
      Flood Fill Tool - default settings
      Flood your layer with your background color
5.  Layers > New Raster Layer
6.  Selection Tool
     Custom Selection
     Top - 0, Left - 0, Right - 800, Bottom - 50
7.  Flood Fill Tool
     Flood your selection with your foreground color.
     Leave selected.
8.  Effects > Plugins > Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 > Nature > Drip
        Scroll down the list and choose
          Text - 100pt - Drip and Melt Dramatic
      DRIP TAB:
      MELT TAB:
 9.  Selections > Select None
10. Effects > Plugins > Alien Skin Eye Candy5 >Texture >
      Texture Noise
       On the Settings Tab, scroll down and choose Snowfall
            Note: You may use another texture of your choice but some
                      textures do not work well on the "drips"      
11.  Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
        Settings:  Bevel #2
       8, 0, 1, 0, 0, White, 315,50,30
12.  Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
       3, 3, 70, 13  Black
        Special Note:  If you want to use this bleeding drip as a
                               border for a background, make a copy
                               of this layer now and save to use as a border.
13.  In your Layer Palette, make your dark background
       layer active
       Effects > Plugins > I.C.NET Software > Filters Unlimited 2.0
         Render - Smoke
14.  Layers > Duplicate
15.  Image > Mirror      
       Change opacity to make the two layers blend (about 40%)
16.  Layers > Merge > Merge Down
17.  Layers > New Raster Layer
       Flood fill this layer with your dark color
       In Layer Palette, set Blend Mode on Overlay.
18.  Layers > Merge > Merge Down
19.  Effects > Plugins > Fantastic Machines > Paint Engine
           Note:  Use of this plugin is optional.  I use it as it gives
                      you a texture without adding a lot to file size.
                      You can use any texture of your choice.
      Put a checkmark for Wrap Edges
      Click on Randomize
          Note:  I used the first random setting that shows up.
                     You may want to click on Randomize several
                      times to choose a setting.
22.  Layers > New Raster Layer
23.  Flood Fill Tool
       Flood fill with your background color
24.  Effects > Plugins > I.C.NET Software - Filters Unlimited 2.0
      Buttons and Frames - Round Button
25.  Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
       10, 10, 50, 5   Black
26.  Maximize the HauntedMansion_Misted by Gini tube
       Image > Resize > Resize by 90%
       Edit > Copy
       You can now close this tube
27.  Edit > Paste as a New Layer
       onto your main image
28.  Mover Tool
       Use your tool to position the tube where you want it.
         Note:  You can also use your Pick tool or Deformation
           tool to make it fit how you want it
29.  Maximize the WS1-Irulana_Ardin 020908 tube
       Image > Resize > Resize by 85%
       Repeat the resize by 85%
       Edit > Copy
       You can now close this tube
30.  Edit > Paste as a New Layer
       onto your main image
31.  Mover Tool
       Use your tool to position the tube in the lower right corner
       Change the Blend Mode to Luminance (Legacy) if using
       the supplied tube.
           Notes: You can now add a bevel and drop shadow of
                    your choice if you want to.
32.  Maximize the  1Patries_Black branch-875214_Floral-13-8-08 tube
       Edit > Copy
       You can now close this tube
33.  Edit > Paste as a New Layer
          Note:  This branch tube (or a tube of your choice) should be
                    used as you wish to use it.  These steps are
                    just one easy way I used it.
34.  Image > Flip
35.  Mover Tool
       Use your tool to position the tube in the lower right corner
       In Layer Palette, move this layer under the bat lady layer      
36.  Layers > Duplicate
37.  Layers > Arrange > Bring to Top
38.  Image > Mirror
39.  Layers > Duplicate
40.  Mover Tool
       Use your tool to move this layer up the left side above
       the other branch layer.
41.  Layers > Merge > Merge Down
42.  Eraser Tool
          Note: I used the eraser tool to get rid of any parts of
                     this layer that were overlapping onto the
                     center circular frame (optional) 
                          At this point you can add additional tubes if you want to
                     On several of the ones I did while writing this, I added
                     the Dead Tree tube by Brigitte Manon. 
                     See examples
43. Layers > Merge > Merge Visible
44.  Image > Add Border
       2 pixels of black (symmetric)  I used 000000
45.  Image > Add Border
         20 pxs Symmetric - Color - White
46.  In Material Palette
       Create a gradient that you would like to use for a border
       I used a red (bb0128) and a silvery gray color  (c0c0c0)
        Linear/ 45 dregrees/ Repeats 3
47.  Magic Wand Tool
       Select border with wand
48.  Flood Fill Tool
       Flood your border with the gradient
49.  Adjust > Gaussian Blur > Radius 20
50.  Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
       Settings:  Bevel #2
       1, 20, 6, 3, 15, White, 315, 35, 50
51.  Selections > Select None
52.  Image > Add Border
       1 px Symmetric - Color - Black
53.  Resize your image to a size of your choice and
       export as a jpeg
The background I used to make a letter is not part of the turorial.
Since we all use many different EMail programs, I think it's best to let you make
your own background if you are making this into a letter.
To make a background for this tutorial, I made a copy of the blood drip layer
as suggested at step 12.
Then used Image > Rotate Left
I resized this image to 400 px in height.
Image > Effects > Seamless Tiling
 Made this into a canvas size of 1280 wide by 400 height.
Added a new layer and sent to bottom.
Floodfilled with a silvery gray color and added a Paint Engine texture to it.
Moved my border off to the left so that most of the border was just
the "drips"
Merged and saved as my background.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
I want to thank my testers who tested this tut for me.
They are.........Wiciyela, Sammy and Arlene
Please link this tutorial to the Winni Lessons Group
Although this tutorial is written for the Winni Fun Group,
feel free to share my tutorials. 
I only ask that you not claim them as your own. 
If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson, 
please contact me for permission.  ronicox@gmail.com