Triple Mask Christmas Tutoril by Roni Elaine



Triple Mask Christmas Tutorial

Tutorial by RoniElaine - 11/3/09 - Release Date 12/7/09


Example in Green


Third example



Skill Level - Intermediate


  This tutorial focuses on using multiple masks.  Although written

   for Christmas, many kinds of masks can be used in combination

   to create similar headers or tags.

    It was written using PSP X but should work in other versions

    with just a few adjustments.
    It was written in "split screen" format so that
    you can work on the tutorial with PSP open on one
    side of your screen and the tutorial on the other side.

    I encourage you to use other tubes to make your own creation.


    This tutorial is my own creation. Any similarities to other tutorials 
        are purely coincidental.


    Supplies Needed


   This tutorial can be done without using any outside filters

   or you can use your favorite way of doing an outside frame.

   Optional plugins that can be used for outer frame include

   Filters Unlimited, AAA Foto Frame, Bordermania or

   Eye Candy 5 Impact - Perspective Shadow.


   Supplies provided:    Click HERE



          (GranGran tube used with general permission)

      The following are shared supplies:

        xmas corners-sandi


       Before you open PSP............

        MASKS:  Put the 3 masks into your PSP mask folder

             SL-WinterSeasonMask 1


             Lady in Green mask

        PATTERNS: Put the  2 patterns into your PSP pattern folder


             cmv-gold (or use a gold or silver pattern of your choice)

        GRADIENTS:  Put the gradients into your PSP gradient folder

             vbs19  (for a "golden effect)    or

             mqc Shimmer (for a "silver-white" effect)

                or use a gradient of your choice


1.   File > Open

        Open the tube of your choice.  I am using


        Window > Duplicate and close the original.


      In your Materials Palette set your foreground to

        the main color you wish to use from your tube.

        I've chosen a red shade - #e41b17

        You may now minimize your tube.


        Set your background to a Christmas pattern.

        I've chosen seira55_xmas

           Settings: Angle 0 Scale 100


        File > New

        Open a new transparent image 700 x 500 pixels.

        Use your Flood Fill Tool to fill with your color.


        Layers > New Raster Layer

        Use your Flood Fill Tool to fill with your pattern.


        In Layer Palette set Blend Mode to Overlay and

         opacity to 70

            Note: If using a different pattern, try other settings

              for Blend Mode and Opacity.  Your pattern should

              show through your color layer to just make a

              nice background.

        Adjust > Sharpness > Unsharp Mask

           Default Settings


2.   In Materials Palette change your pattern to a Gold or

      Silver pattern.  I am using cmv-gold; same settings


      Layers > New Raster Layer

      Use your Flood Fill Tool to fill with chosen pattern.

      Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask from Disk

        Select Lady in Green mask

        Settings: Source luminance, Fit to canvas, Hide

                         all mask; invert not checked

      Layers > Merge > Merge Group


      Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel

         Settings: Bevel #2, 8, 0, 1, 0, 0, White, 315,

                          50, 30



      Edit > Repeat Inner Bevel

      Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow

          Settings: 2, 2, 30, 2, Black


3.   In Materials Palette change your background

        to gradient.

          Settings: vbs19 for red example or gradient

              of your choice

            Radial, Angle 45, Repeats 1


      Layers > Add New Raster Layer

        Use your Flood Fill Tool to fill layer with gradient.


      Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask from Disk

        Select SL-WinterSeasonMask 1

        Settings: change Orientation to Fit to layer

      Layers > Merge > Merge Group


        Image > Free Rotate

          Settings: Left, Free 24.00


       Image > Resize

         Settings: 70%, Resize all layers Not checked


       Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance More

          Note: With some colors this is too much. 

                     You can just use Enhance


       Use your Move Tool to move to the left side.

       See example for placement.



4.    In Materials Palette, change your background back

       to the Gold Pattern you used before, cmv-gold or

           your choice


      Layers > New Raster Layer

      Use your Flood Fill Tool to fill layer with pattern.


      Layers > Load/Save Mask > Load Mask from Disk

        Select Vix_ChristmasMask9

          Settings: same as last settings


      Layers > Merge > Merge Group


5.   Use your Selection Tool - Rectangle

         to select the top two lines of the text

      Example in green below.

          (Option: choose the line in your language)




      Edit > Copy

      Hit the Delete Key on your keyboard.

      Selections > Select None


      Edit > Paste as New Layer

      Use your Move Tool to move to upper left.


      Image > Resize  

          Settings: 70%, all layers not checked

      Use your Move Tool again to move it into place.


6.   In Layers Palette, select the layer below which is

        the rest of the text.


      Image > Resize 

           Same settings

             Note: If using a larger tube for your main tube,

                       adjust resizing to allow room for the tube

                       you will be using.

      Use your Move Tool to move to upper right.


      In Layers Palette, select the top layer.

      Layers > Merge > Merge Down


         Optional: With some patterns you may want

             to Enhance Edges on this text.


      Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel

        Settings:  Bevel #2

            22, 17, 3, -30, 28, White, 0, 63, 34




7.   Maximize the tube that you have chosen.

      Edit > Copy

        You may close this tube now.

      Edit > Paste As New Layer onto your main image.


      Image > Resize

        Setting: 85%    (depends on your tube)


      Use your Move Tool to move to lower right.


      Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel

         Settings: same as Step 2

             Bevel #2, 8, 0, 1, 0, 0, White, 315,

                          50, 30

       Edit > Repeat Inner Bevel


8.   Layers > Duplicate

      Image > Mirror


      In Layers Palette, set Blend Mode on Overlay


      Use your Move Tool to move your tube inside of

        the mask on the left side.


       In Layers Palette, lower the opacity and resize

         to your liking.  Depends on tube you are using.

        Tube should fit inside of the mask. 

         With some tubes you may want to change the

            Blend Mode. 

        You may use Eraser Tool if you need

        to get rid of parts of this tube.


9.    In your Layers Pallette activate Raster 2.

           (the second from the bottom)

       Layers > Merge > Merge Down


       Edit > Copy

       Edit > Paste as New Image

          Minimize for later use. 


       When satisfied with your main image

       Layers > Merge Visible


10.  Image > Add Borders

         Settings: 2 pixels of black, symmetric


       Selections > Select All

       Selections > Modify > Contract

          Setting: 2 pixels


       Effects > 3D Effects > Cutout

          Settings: 0, 0, 100, 20, Black


       Selections > Select None


11.  Image > Add Borders

         Settings: 50 pixels of white

       Use your Magic Wand to select the border.


           Edit > Paste into Selection

          Note: The pattern we copied in Step 9 should

             still be in memory.  If not, you have it minimized

             and can set it as a pattern.


         At this point you may add any bevel of your choice

         or a framing plugin to the outer border.


       I used Filters Unlimited, Glass Frame 2 on the

          red example

       Effects > Plugins > I.C.NET Software > Filters Unlimited 2 >

            Buttons and Frames > Glass Frame 2

               Settings: Adjust settings to your liking

                 This will depend on the images you have used    


       (AAA Foto Frames was used on the green example.)


       Selections > Select None

       Layers > Merge > Merge All (if needed)


       Image > Add Borders

          Setting: 1 px of black


12.  If adding a corner, open the corner of your choice.

       I used one of the corners provided,

       resized 85% x 2

       Add bevel and/or drop shadow of your choice.

       I used the Inner Bevel still in memory twice.


       Add a new layer for your watermark, resize if you wish

         and optimize through the JPEG Optimizer.

         Suggested setting 25.

        If just making a tag, you are finished.


13.  To Make a Letter Background


        Maximize the pattern you used in the framing.

         (The image made at Step 9)

        Image > Resize

          Settings:  400 x 400 pixels

                            Lock Aspect Ratio not checked


        Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling

          Default setting


        Optimize through the JPEG Optimizer.



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

I want to thank  Cal, Claire, and Francine and for testing it for me !!

Your input is much appreciated !

Please link this tutorial to The PSP Fun Group


Although this tutorial is written for the The PSP Fun Group

feel free to share my tutorials.

I only ask that you not claim them as your own.

If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,

please contact me for permission.

Tutorial will be available at

under Guest Tut Writers after release to the Fun Group.