by RoniElaine
Written on September 19, 2010

                                                                                                Main Tube by Angel Keeper - Example if used for a letter

This tutorial was written using both PSP X and PSP13.
    Similar results can be obtained in earlier versions
    but may be slightly different.
    Although my tutorials are my own creations, they are almost always
    inspired by seeing so many beautiful creations in many groups.
    Any similarities are truly the effects of viewing, using and enjoying the
    tutorials written by many others.
    I encourage you to use other supplies and to experiment with
    different settings to create something of your own.
Skill Level - Intermediate
Filters Needed:
    I.C.NET Software Filters Unlimited 2  HERE
Supplies:    HERE All supplies were group shares
    NS_78_1009.pspimage - Tube by Nurso 53
    a witch in moon .tub
    VanishInTheHeat.ttf   (or any Halloween font)
This is a fairly easy tutorial and I hope that you will use
it to make something really original of your own.
        Install  plugin if needed.
        For your main tube, choose a tube that is quite a bit taller
          than it is wide.
         The one I am providing is 495px in width x 658px in height.
         The best tube will be one with parts that can extend over
              the edges of your main image.
 1.  File > Open
      Open your own main tube or  vsc_victorian-witch.psp
     Choose 2 colors from the tube for materials palette.
         I chose a dark foreground color  #3f6688 and a
         lighter shade of the same color for the background
         #c9dbe4.  You may wish to chose a contrasting color. 
       Window > Duplicate   and close original.
       Minimize for later use.
 2.  File > Open
       Open NS_78_1009.pspimage
       Select the Gruppe layer if not already selected
       Edit > Copy   and close the original
       File > New
           Settings:  700 x 500 pxs, transparent
       Selections > Select All
        Edit > Paste Into Selection
       Selections > Select None
 3.   Layers > New Raster Layer
       Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom
       Select your Flood Fill Tool and left click to fill with dark color.
       Effects > Texture Effects > Texture
          ++ You may use any texture and settings you wish to use.
                I chose Paper Standard with the following settings
                25, 20, 2, 0, 0, White, 13, 50, 30
       In Layers Palette, select your top layer.
           either change your Blend Mode to Screen
           or change opacity to have layers blend together.
           It should look something like this.
        Layers > Merge > Merge Visible
  4.  Effects > I.C.NET Software > Filters Unlimited 2.0
                         Edges Square > Square Edge 08
                             or a square edge of your choice
        Image > Canvas Size
             Settings: 750 width, 550 height, Center Arrow
                                This centers it with 25 pxs for all settings.
  5.  Maximize your main tube.
       Edit > Copy    the witch layer.   You may close it now.
       Edit > Paste As New Layer
       Image > Mirror   and move to right side
                                     See example for placement.
       Image > Resize 
          (Depends on your tube of choice.  Image should extend
            a little into the blank area) 
          Settings: 90%, Resize all layers not checked
  6.  Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
         Settings:  Bevel #2, 8, 0, 1, 0, 0, White, 315, 50, 30
                               or bevel of your choice
       Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
          Settings:  (minus)-10, (minus)-30, 50, 30, Black,
                             Shadow on new layer checked
       You are on the Shadow Layer in your Layers palette.
       Reduce Opacity to about 52%.
       Minimize your main image for now.
  7.  File > Open    slats15-kris.psp
       Edit > Copy and close original
       Edit > Paste As New Image
       Image > Canvas Size
          Settings:  350 width, 300 height, center arrow
       Magic Wand
          Settings:  Add (Shift),  RGB Value, Tolerance 0, Feather 0,
                               Contiguous and Anti-alias checked, Outside
          Select the black slats.
       In Materials Palette, change your foreground to a gradient.
            Settings:  Foreground-background, Angle 0, Repeats 0,
                                Style - Linear
                                Invert is checked
       Use Flood Fill Tool to fill with gradient.
  8.  Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel
        Settings:  Bevel #5, 5, 14, 5, -30, 14, White, 315, 37, 68
        Selections > Select None
         Image > Resize    Setting: 85%
         Edit > Copy  and minimize
         Maximize your main image.
         Edit > Paste As New Layer
         Use your Move Tool to move to upper left corner.
            Refer to example for placement.
   9.   File > Open     a witch in moon .tub
         Window > Duplicate  and close original
         Image > Resize  same settings
         Repeat Resize 2 more times.
         Edit > Copy    and minimize
         Edit > Paste As New Layer onto your main image
         Use your Move Tool to move it up on top of the slat image
             in the upper left corner.
          In Layers Palette, change Blend Mode to Luminance Legacy.
          Reduce Opacity to about 70% or to your choice
         NOTE:  If you are just using this as a "tag" to be used on a
          white background,  merge and add your watermark
          in your usual way.  Resize and add text if you want to.
          Save however you usually save your tags.
          And you are done !!!
 10.   To make a header for a letter and add background to it,
          continue on with the following steps.
          In Layers Palette, select your merged bottom layer.
          Selections > Select All
          Selections > Modify > Contract
               Setting: 85 pxs
          Selections : Invert
           Layers > New Raster Layer
           Use your Flood Fill Tool to right click to fill with background color.
           Layers > Arrange > Send to Bottom
           Effects > Plugins >  I.C.Net Software > Filters Unlimited 2
               Settings: Paper Textures > Papyrus   
                                  66, 96
           Selections > Select None
  11.    Layers > Merge > Merge Visible
            Optional:   Add Text if you wish.  A Halloween font is
                                 included for you in the supplies.
            Add your watermark in your usual way.
            Merge and export with JPEG Optimizer.
                Suggested setting of 20-25%
  12.    File > New       (for making your background)
               Settings:  400x400, Transparent
           Use your Flood Fill Tool to right click to fill with background color.
            Effects > Plugins >  I.C.Net Software > Filters Unlimited 2
               Settings: Paper Textures > Papyrus    66, 96
            Export with JPEG Optimizer using the same settings used in
             previous step.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
I want to thank Cal, Francine, Heather and JanetB
for testing it for me !!  Your input is much appreciated !
We can only write tutorials with the help of our friends!
Although this tutorial is written for The PSP Fun Group
feel free to share my tutorials.
I only ask that you not claim them as your own.
If the tutorial is to be used as a lesson,
please contact me for permission.
Tutorial will be available at
under Guest Tut Writers and at

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