Mura Frames

by Shirley, January 2012


Supplies:  Paint Shop Pro, any version will probably work; Mura Filters: Copies; other supplies, HERE


1.  Open a new transparent image 1250x1000.

2.  Open Berries 2.PNG.  Turn berries to the right, 90 degrees, do not click all layers checked.  Open Mura copies and place settings:

Preset as Cards, Circle, Tile Mode, Behind, with the settings on right as 7, 50, 50, -11, 30, -40, 30, 0, 100, 0, 0, 0

3. Go to free rotate and rotate right 90 degrees, unchecked all layers

4.  Duplicate and mirror.  Align to your liking,

5.  Merge visible and resize to desired size.

6.  Just select the inside of the frame, modify, add 1 pixel, and copy and paste your image into this.  Merge visible.

Here are some samples, you can colorize the frame also to fit the colors of your image.



Try using other little sprigs or swags, you'd be surprised what a pretty frame you can create!