A tutorial by Shirley Rea, December 2011


Supplies:  Paint Shop Pro, any version will work; Mura Meister Copies Filter; Flaming Pear: Flexify 2 filter; this edge corner made by Suzanne, HERE

1.  Open a transparent canvas, 1000x1024.

2.  Open a corner with lots of color, or you may use the one supplied.  Rotate it so that the prettiest portion is facing to the left.

3.  Mura Meister: Copies: V-Tile (line); Line, V-Tile, Behind, 36, 98, 0, 0, 0, 0, 100, 0, 0, 0, 30, uncheck the 2 boxes, the click OK.

It should look like this

4.  Flaming Pear, Flexify 2: 0,0,0,120, uncheck Flip, 33, 100, Pink,White, Check transparent gaps, uncheck the rest; Better, Grid None, Equirectangular, Orthographic, Normal.  Click OK

5.  Image: Rotate Left

5.  Image, Resize, Uncheck Lock Aspect Ratio, width 80%.

This tutorial has lots of possibilities.  I created an Easter basket out of mine.  You may have to play with the results of your image, in my case I duplicated the image and erased parts of the basket.  Here's my sample

Shirley would love to see your results, you can email here HERE