Written by Shirley, January 2012

Supplies:  PSP, any version, Mura's Copies and a floral graphic.  You may use the one I used, HERE

1.  Open a transparent image 1250x1250.  (Note: if the image length and width you chose is square, the frame will be round, otherwise it will be oval.)

2.  Open your tube and copy, paste to your transparent image.  Adjust the tube to your liking.

3.  Open Mura Copies and use these settings:

You may have to adjust the number due to the constraints of your tube.  In my case I had to make the number 20 to get a good frame.

4.  Crop and save as a PNG.  Now you have a lovely Valentine Frame!

Here are samples!

This one is Bobbi's

Easy Peasy!!