“Through The Portal” Tutorial

    by Wicked

November 2009

Intermediate Level

 PSP Version 10


This is written in my own style for which I make no apologies

Supplies:   Light Mist

Filters:             Bordermania

            Greg’s Factory output Vol II; Pool Shadow                

               Dragonfly – Sinedots

Note:  The mist you choose should be of an irregular shape that flows over the globe, not confined within it.  Find something that suits the tutorial rather than trying to fit the image into the tutorial.  Not every tube/mist/graphic suits every tutorial.



1                 Open mist, duplicate (shift D) and close original (The size for the mist should be a minimum of 650-700 wide; resize it now if it is not)

2                 Choose two colours from mist – set lighter as foreground and darker as background

3                 Change foreground to gradient – linear/angle set at 0/repeats set at 0/invert checked

4                 New Raster Layer – arrange/send to bottom. 

5                 Flood fill with gradient

6                 Effects – plugins/Bordermania/Round Button 1 using the following settings:

a.      Border width – 60

b.      Light angle – 50

c.      Light intensity – 150

d.      Outside mask – 0

e.      Outline width – 0

f.       AA colour – white

g.      Anti-alias – 50

7                 Highlight raster 1 (button) and choose Effects; 3D Effects, Drop Shadow – 3/3/100/10/colour  black (shadow NOT on separate layer).  Repeat Drop Shadow but vertical and horizontal set at minus 3

8                 Layers; Merge Visible

9                 Layers; New Raster Layer – Layers, Arrange/send to bottom

10              Flood fill with gradient

11              Effects/Texture Effects/Fine Leather

a.      Blur – 30

b.      Transparency – 200

c.      Numbers of furrows – 60

d.      Length of furrows – 10

e.      Colour –  either  black or your dark colour

f.       Angle – 146

12              Optional/ Effects – Edge Effects – Enhance

13              Optional/ Activate your Merged Layer in Layer Palette; Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

14              Layers – Merge Visible

15              Image/ Add Borders/symmetric checked, 1 pixel, black

16              Image/ Add Borders/symmetric checked, 30 pixels, colour not in canvas

17              Magic Wand/Select Border

18              Change gradient to angle 90 degrees and flood fill selected border

19              Effects/plugins/Greg’s Factory Output Vol II/Pool Shadow @ default

20              Effects/3D Effects/Outer Bevel with the following settings – Bevel 1/30/0/1/minus6/10/white/315/50/30

21              Selections/Select None

22              Layers/New Raster Layer/add watermark

23              Layers/ Merge All (flatten)

24              Export JPG optimized at 25


1                 Open New Transparent Image 400x400  (please use this size to get the Sinedots effect envisioned by the tut writer on your finished background; the bg size affects the appearance of the Sinedots)

2                 Change gradient to angle 0

3                 Flood fill with gradient

4                 Effects/Image effects/Seamless Tile @ default

5                 Adjust/ Blur/Gaussian @ 10

6                 Effects/plugins/Dragonfly/Sinedots using the following settings

a.      1st dimension                                       2nd dimension

1.73     X1                                            X1        0.47

0.57     X2                                            X2        1.81

1.66     Y1                                            Y1        2.81

-2.87    Y2                                            Y2        0.79

Balance X – 0.5                                               Balance Y – 0.5

Option inverse not checked                      density 0.51

(These should be your default settings)

7                 Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tile @ default

8                 Export as JPG optimized @25

9                 Assemble header & background in Letter Creator

  Please give name of tut & credit to the tutorial writer in footer: