Creating Lace In PhotoImpact

There are so many ways and tutorials to create lace in Paint Shop Pro, but only a few in PhotoImpact.  Normally, in PI you use paint on edges or use the Kang filter.  I'm giving you another way to create lace, with a Ding font!

Materials:  PhotoImpact, I am still using PIX, though I do have all the recent programs, I just prefer X.  You'll also need a nice ding font.  There are many out there that will give you a lacey effect, but I chose "Designer Stuff"  which is attached HERE.

1.  All set, let's go.  Open a new black image 600x200.  Set your background and foreground to white.

2.  Set your font to the one you chose, size 80, white, 3D and type a few letters until you get one you are happy with.  I chose the letter "c".  I clicked that once, said ok.  Then duplicated the layer, moved it to the right, and aligned both top. Select both, and merge as a single object. This is what I have:

3.  Deselect.  Duplicate your layer, go to transform tool, rotate and flip 180 degrees.  Line up to your liking.  Now you have a lovely strip of lace.

4.  You may use either 2 or 3 (above samples shown) as your strip of lace, or add a strip bar (rectangle, white 3d) like this

    Merge all on a background of choice.  Add drop shadow of choice.  However I save mine in PSD format, so that I can use them in either graphics program. I cropped the bottom and top, then I use X-Fader to make seamless.

Here are the results, using the lace strip as a side border......

Feel free to experiment with different fonts, some of the PhotoImpact presets are awesome instead of using plain white, make colored lace.  Any questions, please e-mail me.