Embedded Tile

Supplies needed:  Photo Impact 12, probably will work on other versions.  Tube of your choice (I chose one of Suzanne Wolcotts, a PTU, so I can not share with you.) Choose a color from your tube and set as background.  Open a new file, 500 by 500, click on background color.        


1.  Pick a foreground color from your tube.  Then create a square in the path drawing tool, about 62x62. Go to Web, Button designer, rectangular.       I played around with different setting until I found one that I liked.   This is the result: 
2.  Duplicate the square 5 times, go to Layer Palette and select all objects; go to Object: Align: Top.  Then they will all be perfectly aligned. Merge as a single object.   
3.  Duplicate this layer 4 times and arrange below the original bar. Select object: All   Align, Left.  Merge as a single object..  You now have a square of tiles.  You may make more or less tiles for your square depending on how large you want the square.


4.  Go to your tube and copy and paste into your bar image. Resize if necessary.  Apply  shadow if desired.  Right click, go to properties, and where it says Merge: Always, click and change the Always to something that you like.  I normally use Multiply, but in this case it didn't work.  I chose Hard Light, opacity 50.



5.  Choose your font and add text of your choice.   Merge all.


6.  With your crop tool, go around the square tile and crop out excess.  This should be your finished result.



Any questions, please e-mail me!!