Frosted Plaid

Supplies needed:  PI X3, it will probably work on other versions. . Tube of your choice; FM Filters; Simple Filters; Horizonaus:Stripes are In.          You may use this tube if you like


1.  Open your tube, resize it so the length is about 300 pixels. Duplicate it twice.  Close your original for safe keeping.  Take one of your duplicated images, and fill with background color of your choice.  ( I used a dark gold color from the dahlia. Merge all.)


2.  Apply Quick Tile by Simple Filters


3.  Apply Stripes are In by Horizonaus Stripes are In.


4.  Apply Diamonds by Simple Filters


5.  Apply 4 Way Average by Simple Filters


6.  Apply Distort: Glass (see settings) Then apply Blend Emboss by FM Filters. (default setting)  Minimize this image.

Go to Photo: Light:  Brightness and Contrast, and lighten image to your liking.  Apply Simple: Quick Tile.  Go to Effects: Fills & Textures: Textures: Glass at default. Save this file so you can find it quickly.



7.Go to your bucket fill tool.  Select Texture Fill Tool.  At the top, you'll see Photo   Right click on Custom Group 1, add your new fill image.  Open a new transparent image 1024 (or whatever size you want)  wide and height of your tube. Select All. Go to your click on  copy, and paste onto your transparent image.  Move to the left.  Paste into selection again, and move to the left, lining up your images as you go  I tried to paste into selection, but it warped the text image.  .  Your glass image will now cover your large image.  You may have to crop around the image to make sure of the alignment.  Go to File: Preview in Browser: Tile Background.  There you will see if it is seamlessly tiled.


8.  Open your tube, and copy and paste into your large image strip.  Move to far left, resize more if necessary, apply shadow of your choice,  Enter.  Optimize as JPG and you are done.  Please let me know if you have any questions.