Pensive Frame

Supplies needed:  PI 10,  Simple Filters, FM Filters Blend Emboss, Filters Unlimited: Lens Effect: Refractor 1, a graphic of your choice.  Make two copies of your original.  Close the original.  Resize your graphic, if necessary.


1.  Pick two colors from your graphic for your foreground and background. 
2. Add border of 2, black; add border of 2, your light color you selected, add border of 2, black
3. Add border of 5, white.  Selection,  all, expand-shrink; shrink by 5, box checked. Selection, invert. Edit, fill, gradient, multiple color: palette ramp editor, choose eight (a gold color), ok.  Gradient fill type, choose the third box with the arrow pointed down, right . Keep selected, go to Eye Candy 4000, Bevel Boss, use Inner Bevel setting.  Select none.      It should look like this
4.  Repeat # 2


5. Add border of 25, with darker color you have chosen.  Selection, all, expand-shrink; shrink by 25, box. Selection, invert. go to Photo, Noise, Add Noise, choose first box first row, ok. Keep selected. Simple Filters: Left-Right wrap; Simple Filters: 4 way average; Simple Filters: Diamonds.  FM Filters: Blend Emboss, default setting.  Select None.
6. Repeat # 2


7. Add border of 25, darker color.  Selection, all, expand-shrink, shrink by 25, box. Selection, invert.  Go to Noise, Add Noise, choose first box first row, ok.  FM Filters: Blend Emboss. Select none

8. Repeat #3

9. Add a layer, add corners if desired

10. Add a layer, add your watermark.  Merge all




1. Take second copy of image and resize to about 300x300.  Simple Filters: Quick Tile          

2. Distort Filter (the actual filter, not the function in PI); Glass, Texture: Tiny Lens.  Repeat Quick Tile.  Adjust the brightness and contrast to your liking.

3. Merge all





Artwork by Jacqueline Penny, no copyright infringement intended