Supplies needed:  PI 10 or PI XL,  my two pspimages (for borders), a tube (mine or one of your choice) I'm using a tube I made from a red rose from my garden              Supplies: HERE  Included are the rose tube, my side and top borders as well as the top border original template.  If anyone knows the creator of this template please let me know so I may give credit where credit is due.


1.  Create a new file 1024x2000, transparent.  Choose a light color and flood fill file. Use texture of choice, I used Fills and Textures, second box, Emboss 9.

2.  Copy Zigzag1 tube to your image as a new layer. You may change texture, gradients or color if you prefer. Add shadow, default, box one, X and Y 10.  Select none.

3.  Open Zigzag2 tube and copy to your image as a new layer. You can change colors, textures by filling in the image. Move it to the top and use the transform tool to stretch across the top, to dimensions of about 1042x90 or to your liking.  Apply shadow as above.


4   Take your tube, copy and paste to your large image.  Arrange this at the top left of your image or wherever you'd like the tube to be placed.  Apply same shadow.


5.  Apply your watermark.  Merge all  Optimze as a JPG.


6.  I call this Bobbi's Red Rose.  If you have any questions please let me know....