Abstraction Frame for PhotoShop


Supplies needed: PhotoShop CS5, probably will work on other versions as well. Tube of your choice, Xenofex 1, Shower Door filter, Simple Filter, FM Tile Tools.  This is a tube of one of my roses from my husband's garden, you may use this if you wish.

For filters here is a link....   http://www.linktipper.nl/leden/start.php?lid=1055

         You may use this image in PSD format         


1. Duplicate your  tube twice, then close your original for safe keeping.  Resize so that the height  is no taller than 350 pixels.  Create a new  image of  500 x 400 that is filled  with a light color you have chosen from your tube.  Open your tube  and drag your tube over to your newly created image.  Flatten all and then Quick Tile by Simple.  

 2.  Go to Xenofex: Shower Door: Use these settings   100 and 100     


3. You may add Blend Emboss at default from FM Tile Tools.  Apply Quick Tile once more. Duplicate your image, as this will be the background for your stationery.  Minimize one copy.    


4. Drag your tube to your new background.  Add shadow if desired.  Flatten  all.  Go to Image: Resize 450 width, the height will adjust on it's own. Select All, copy and paste on your second copy of the background you have saved. Go to Blending options, and go to stroke, change the color to your dark color. Now you have a frame around it. Give it a drop shadow at default. 

5. Go to your bottom layer, background layer. Choose a dark color as your other color in the palette.  Expand canvas : 3 of dark color, then 25 of your light color.   Use your magic wand to select this, and go to Effects: Texture: Texturizer: Sandstone, 67,4 Top. Deselect.  Canvas size:  Add border 3 dark layer.  Flatten image.


5. Add your water mark and you are done.

6.  Sample 1                                                                        

7.  Sample 2  as stationery  (Using the extra duplicate you made, add a light layer and lower opacity.  Flatten.  Quick Tile.  Make the image 300x300.






If you have any questions, please email me.  I'd love to see your results......send them to me!