Ball of Fun---PhotoShop, new,  May, 2011

Supplies needed:  Photoshop, I'm using PS C5, probably will work on other PS  versions; FM Filters; Simple Filters; and be sure to save often


         You need a small graphic, either a tube with a background on it, merged flat, or an image.  My image is a PTU, by Suzanne Wolcott  so I can not share it with you.


1.  Choose a tube/image  that is longer in length than width. Duplicate it twice.  Take your tube/image and resize it to 127w by 300


2.  Apply Quick Tile by Simple Filters


3.  Filter-Blur-Gaussian-15  OK


4.  Filter-Noise-Add Noise, 5 uniform and monochromatic

5.  Apply Quick Tile by Simple Filters  
6.  Apply FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss, default setting; Photo-Brightness & Contrast, lighten to your preference



7.  Open a new transparent image 1024 wide (or whatever width you prefer)  and 300 height. Go back to your image that is the result of #6, and make this a pattern  Return to the new image and fill. 


8.  Click and copy your original image/tube, paste into the strip.   Move to far left, apply shadow of your choice if an actual tube.. Apply text if desired.  Be sure to save!

9Now to make the borders: Marquee rectangle tool. New layer.  Draw a thin shape from top to bottom. Fill with your first color. Adjust to size of your liking. Layer Style: Bevel and Emboss default. Duplicate layer and move to the right.  Marquee Rectangle Tool, draw another area between the two you have just finished.  New Layer.  Fill with your second color.  I went to Layer Style: Gradient Overlay and chose Diamond. Line all these three up. Hide first two layers and merge visible.

10.  Unhide the layers.  Layer Style: Drop Shadow of choice.  Flatten all.  .

11.  Now to make sure you don't have any bevels showing, take your crop tool and crop almost to the edges.  This will make the image more seamless when made into stationery.


This is a Suzanne Wolcott tube...