Supplies needed:  PhotoShop.  I'm using CS5, but it will probably work on other versions.  Tube of your choice (I tubed this lovely rose from an image I got at  You may use it if you like.   Click HERE for tube. 

1.  Open a new image 500x500 transparent  Put that aside, and create a new image 62x62 with the color you would like for the tile. Go to your Layer Palette and add a Layer Style (click the one with the Fx at the bottom of the screen)  Choose bevel and emboss at default. Flatten image.

2.  Copy your one tile, and paste it on your 500x500 blank image.  Duplicate this square four times, so that you have five tiles.  Now arrange them horizontally across your image. Align tops of images. Merge visible.  You should have this:

3.  Duplicate this strip four times and arrange them vertically down.  It should look like this

4.  Copy your tube and place on your tiles.  Resize if necessary  In layer palette change effect to Multiply or any one that gives a good effect. I then went to Filter: Brush Strokes: Ink Outlines to give it more texture.  Lowered the opacity to 50.

5.  Flatten all.  Crop your tile from the image.

6. Add text if you like and this is the final result: