Frosted Plaid--PhotoShop Version

Supplies needed:  Photoshop, I used CS5 , probably will work on other versions.. Tube of your choice; FM Filters; Simple Filters; Horizonaus Filter: Stripes are In.          You may use this tube if you like  I tubed this from an image downloaded from     


1.  Open your tube, resize it so the length is no more than 400 pixels. Duplicate it twice.  Close your original for safe keeping.  Take one of your duplicated images, and fill with background color of your choice.  ( I used a green color.  Merge all.)


2.  Apply Quick Tile by Simple Filters


3.  Apply Stripes are In by Horizonaus Stripes are In.


4.  Apply Diamonds by Simple Filters


5.  Apply 4 Way Average by Simple Filters


6. Filter: Pixelate: Crystalize (default setting)  Then apply Blend Emboss by FM Filters. (default setting)  Minimize this image.

Go to Image: Adjustments: Brightness and Contrast, and play with the settings until you are happy with the image.  Save image.  Simple Quick Tile.  You may want to add a layer and put a solid color on the layer that compliments your tube.  Reduce the opacity. FM Blend Emboss and flatten the image.  (I added a pale yellow layer, lowered the opacity to 50)



7. Image: define pattern.  Use the image you want for your background.  Open a new transparent image 1024 wide (or whatever size you wish) and height of your tube. Fill with your pattern.  Simple Quick Tile.  Drag your original tube over to this image and move to the left hand side.  Apply a shadow if desired.  Flatten image.