Pensive Frame for PhotoShop

Supplies needed: Photoshop, I used Photoshop CS5; Simple Filters, FM Filters Blend Emboss, Filters Unlimited: Lens Effect:(Refractor 1) a graphic of your choice.  Make two copies of your original.  Close the original.  Resize your graphic, if necessary.


1.  Pick two colors from your graphic for your foreground and background. 
2. Canvas image:  Add border of 2, dark; add border of 2, your light color you selected, add border of 2,
3. Canvas image: Add border of 5, white.  Go to your gradients, and pick out a nice gold gradient.  Use magic wand to click on white border and fill with gradient.      It should look like this   
4.  Repeat # 2


5. Canvas image: Add border of 25, with white. you have chosen.  Magic wand to select the white. Simple Filters: Quick Tile; Left-Right wrap;  4 way average; Diamonds.  Go to Filters Unlimited: Distortion: Refractor 1 at default. Filters: Add noise, 12.5, Uniform; FM Filters: Blend Emboss, default setting.  Select None.
6. Repeat # 2


7. Canvas image: Add border of 25, darker color. Filter: Noise: set at 3, Uniform, Monochromatic.  FM Filters: Blend Emboss. Select none

8. Repeat #3  Resize if necessary.

9. Add your watermark.

10. Flatten all, save as a jpg.




1. Take second copy of image and resize to about 300x300.  If necessary, add a layer, fill with light color and lower the opacity.  Flatten  Simple Filters: Quick Tile          

2. FU: Distortion: Refractor 1.  Repeat Quick Tile if necessary.  Adjust the brightness and contrast to your liking.

3. Flatten all.



Final result:


This is my first tutorial for PhotoShop.  If you see something that should be added/deleted please let me know.  I'm sure there is another way to do all of this, but I've not mastered the program, only touched the surface.