Colleen Frame

This tutorial is dedicated to a dear creator friend who passed away, June 9, 2007.

1.  Supplies:  PSP, any version will probably work.  I used PSP9.  A graphic no longer than 350 pixels in length is best. A gold gradient; a flower brush. A couple of supplies  Filters: FM Tools, Deformation
2.  Duplicate your original graphic, and close original.
3.  With your  copy, add a border of 2 pixels, white.  Use your magic wand and fill with gold gradient.
4.  Choose a light color for foreground, darker color for background in your Color Palette.
5.  Add 20 pixels of white.  Use your magic wand to select it and fill with your lighter color.  Keep selected. Open your paint brush and find the flower you want to use.  "Paint" it along the selected frame using your background color.  Don't worry, it won't go outside the marching ants.


6.  Keep the ants marching, Effects: Edge Enhance.  Deselect.
7.  Add 2 pixels of white and fill with gold gradient. Deselect.  Add 25 white pixels, fill with background color.  Keep Selected

8.  Filter: Deformation: Dementia at default.  FM Tools:  Blend emboss at default

9.  Select All:  Modify:  Contract by 27.  Apply Cutout with these settings    
10.Select All: Apply cutout to entire picture.
11. Add 2 pixels white. Fill with gold gradient.  Add text or accent. 
12.  Don't forget to add your watermark.  A super easy frame, that really looks nice!
13.  Your done!  I made a 1280 x 300 strip, filled it with the light background, added the flower brush, seamless tile, Blend Emboss, and added the cross so this frame could be used in Incredimail's Letter Creator.

Another sample:


Any questions contact me.....