Creating an Incredimail Letter  

I've had a request to help a member in my Filters n Frames Google Group create an entire IM Letter using a photo for the frame, and also for the background.  So I'm going to try.  No guarantees!  LOL

Supplies: Filters: FM Tile Tools; Greg's Factory Outlet II-Pool Shadow; Simple Quick Tile, a gold gradient of your choice, and a graphic of your choice.

1.  Find an image you would like to use to create your letter.  The image I had was 2400x1800 pixels.  You must resize the image so that it is between 425 and 450 pixels in height.  The width will adjust itself. Duplicate the image twice and then close the original.
2,  Choose a foreground and background color for your palette from your image.  Create a gradient from the two:

 Also place a gold gradient in your palette.

3.  Add 2 pixels in black to your graphic, or any other color that is not in your picture.  Click on your magic wand to select, and flood fill with your gold gradient. 
4. Add 4 pixels of black to your border, click on magic wand to select, and flood fill with your gradient. While still selected, go to Greg's Factory Output, Pool Shadow filter.  Apply default.  Deselect.
5.  Repeat Step 3.
6.  Go to second copy of your image, and copy it.  Back to your working image.  Add 25 pixels of black.  Select with magic wand and edit: paste into selection.  You should now have something like this.

7.  Adjust: Blur: Gaussian Blur: Between 15 and 20.  While still selected, go to Greg's Pool Factory and apply default.  Deselect.
8.  Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5.  If you would like to add corners now is the time to do so.  If you are through, merge all.  Add your watermark.  Resize again, so that your file is no larger than 425-450 pixels in height.  Now you have a very simple lovely frame for your graphic


Put this aside and now we'll make the background tile.

1.  Take your second copy of your graphic. It really is too large as it is to make a background tile, so it must be resized.  I try to make the width no larger than 350 pixels.  After it is resized, sharpen.  Apply Simple Quick Tile.   Add a layer and flood fill it with your light color you chose for your gradient. Lower the opacity so that your graphic shows through, but the result is "text friendly".  I lowered mine to 66.  Merge all.  Apply FM Tile's Blend Emboss at default.  Now you have your background tile.     

1.  Open Letter Creator.  In BODY of letter, go to IMAGE, click and find your background image. If your Image Position is TOP LEFT, that is where you will see the file.  It doesn't look so well just sitting there by its lonesome, so it has to be tiled.  Click on TILE and the entire page is now tiled with your background.

2.  Click on HEADER, and so I don't forget, I immediately go to TEXT ALIGNMENT and place it on "center".  That will make sure that the framed graphic is in the center of your stationery.  Click on IMAGE, and find your framed graphic you created.  When you click on the image, it will be centered in your letter.

3.  Click on FOOTER.  If you want to put a footer in, here is where you do it.  I created a little gif file that has my logo of Ramblin Roots on it.  I also make sure it is centered as what was done  in the HEADER.  Once you see that you have your logo centered, click on it and then click on link, a little link area pops up and you type in your URL.  Click OK and you are done with that.  If you want to give credit to anyone, in this case, I want to give credit to my friend, Christine, she took the picture, I type the text beneath my logo.

4.  One last thing to do is to go back to BODY.  If you don't care to have the default font in your letter, you may change it, I changed mine to Comic Sans, size 14.  You may also change the text color and the link color before saving it all.  I left those alone.

5.  Go go FINISH:  Type in a name for your letter, and fill in the rest of the boxes as  you'd like.   Save your project (many do not do this, but I do as there are times that when I see the font I used I definitely want to change it, and this guarantees you you'll get right back to your file to be able to do so) and Add to Incredimail.

You've created your First Incredimail Stationery Set!  Once you do it, it will become easier and easier.....

If you have any questions, please let me know....