Animated Candy Hearts

This is a tutorial to create a tag using "candy hearts" that revolve.  Supplies needed are Jasc's Animation Shop, and the Heart Alphas which are HERE


Lets begin ~ ~

1.  Open AS, and create a new animation.  I created a new file of 600 w by 48 h, transparent.

2.  Decide what you'd like to "write" for the tag.  I'm using I LOVE YOU

3.  Each heart has 24 images, so you must take your new animation and duplicate it to 24.


4. Once you have 24 frames, click on Edit, GO TO Frame 1, select all

5.  Open up the first letter of your tag, which in my case is I

Go to the first frame and select all.  Now both your new animation frame and your hearts have been selected as ALL.

6.  Drag Frame 1 of the heart to your new animation frame.

You can delete your empty heart without saving.

7.  Continue adding letters to complete your name.

8.  You'll notice that there is some empty space at the end of the frame.  Use your crop tool to cut that out.

9.  Return to Frame 1, click on the animator and you should see your tag animated.

Any questions ask me!  Have fun!