Ball of Fun--PSP, Updated, May 2011

Supplies needed:  PSP 9, or any version of PSP.  Tube of your choice; FM Filters; Simple Filters;         You may use this tube             


1.  Choose a tube that is longer in length that width. Duplicate it twice.  Close your original for safe keeping.  Take one of your duplicated images, and resize to 127x300 pixels. Sharpen. Fill with background color of your choice.  (Add a raster layer, and fill with color.   I used a lilac color.  Send to the bottom, then merge all)


2.  Apply Quick Tile by Simple Filters

3.  Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur, Radius=20, OK, Adjust-Add/Remove Noise, Gaussian 15, Monochrome, OK



4.  Apply Quick Tile by Simple Filters


5.  Apply FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss, default setting




6.  Open a new transparent image 1024 wide (or whatever width you would like, I set mine at 2000 as I have a large screen monitor)  and 300 height. Place your image as a pattern in your palette, and fill with the image you have just created.  Effects, Image Effects, Seamless Tiling: corner, horizontal, transition 50, OK


7.  Open your other copy of the tube, and copy and paste into strip as a new layer.  Adjust to size.  Move to far left, apply shadow of your choice.



8.  New Image: 50x310.  Choose two colors for the strip.  Fill the new image with the dark color.  I chose purple.  Apply a bevel, I used this one:

9.  On this image, use your selection tool to draw a thin line down the center of the image, new layer, then fill with your second color.  Select none.  Merge visible.  I decided to put Texture: Blinds: 3,20, white, light from above checked.

10. Take this image, copy and paste on to your strip.  Move over to the left.  To make sure it is seamless I use this setting:  Image: Seamless Tile: Edge, Vertical, 50, 50.  Add drop shadow, be sure to click "shadow on new layer"

    Repeat your Seamless tile as above.


This is your final result!