A Very Basic Blend  

Supplies: PSP (I believe this will work with most versions), elements that will blend together to form a theme: a graphic, and a couple of tubes.  I am NOT going to provide the supplies, as I want you to use your imagination to create a very basic blend.  In my case, I knew I wanted the theme as the ocean or sea, and I had just received a beautiful tube from a tube share that I knew would blend in with what I wanted.

1.  Open a transparent image of 650x450.

2. Copy your graphic image, close.  Go to your transparent image, select all, and paste into image.  Select none.  Lower opacity to about 54, and merge all.     

3. Choose a color in your color palette that compliments your image.  I chose a very pale blue.

4.  Create a new layer.  Using your selection tool set at rectangle, draw a rectangle at the bottom of your image similar to this:


4.  Flood fill with the color you have chosen.  Effects, Texture, Blinds: W 2, O 60, Color one that is slightly darker than the original color, horizontal clicked

5.  With ants still marching, add drop shadow of V & H 1, Opacity 50, Blur 1, Color black.  Repeat drop shadow with V & H at -1.  Deselect.  Lower opacity to about 50%.

6.  Take your tube, copy and paste as a new layer.  Position it where you want it to be placed, and resize if necessary.  Since my rectangle strip was underneath the tube, I brought it up so that it appears ontop of the tube.  On your tube layer change the blend mode layer from normal to luminance (Legacy).  I did not change the tube's opacity in this case.

7.  Add your other tubes if you have them in a similar manner, playing with the blend modes and opacity.  That's what blending is all about.....use your imagination and you'll see what wonderful blends you can create.

8.  Merge all.   Add your text with drop shadow, if desired, and your watermark.

9.  You are almost done.  Select all, modify, contract by 6, add a new layer, effects: cutout,

  V & H 3, opacity 40, blur 20, color black.  Repeat with V & H -3  Select none.

10.  You have just made your first blend!!

End result:


Another example: